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Bea Alonzo stands by her truth ‘it was more than ghosting,’ speaks about her takeaway from breakup with Gerald Anderson

“Siguro ‘yung baon ko talaga is not to let myself be cheated on that way ever again, by anybody. I will never subject myself anymore to that type of relationship,” Alonzo declared.

Actress Bea Alonzo pulled no punches when she opened up about her previous relationship with actor Gerald Anderson.

Speaking for the first time, Alonzo let her true feelings be heard two years after her highly publicized breakup with ex Anderson.

Alonzo and Anderson had their first chance at romance back when they were younger. It was, however, short-lived, lasting for just three months.

The 33-year-old actress recalled how her perennial loveteam partner John Lloyd Cruz reacted following their split.

“Merong ‘I told you so’ moment of course because he never really wanted that guy for me. Well, he never wanted anybody for me. He told me that I can survive it, and he kept telling me that I don’t love him,” Alonzo said in an exclusive interview with entertainment journalist G3 San Diego for MEGA Entertainment.

However, she said that she did not believe in Cruz.

“But I didn’t believe him. Because I loved Gerald,” she shared.

Alonzo rekindled her old flame with Anderson years after their breakup, as she let go of all inhibitions and just followed her heart.

She revealed, “I’ve always been into self-preservation when it comes to relationships. I’ve always been the Alpha. Yeah, and it was the first time that I really let myself go and just love fully.”

When San Diego asked her why, she answered, “I don’t know, maybe because it’s our second chance and I didn’t want to fail.”

But it all came crashing down at some point.

In several instances, Anderson has denied accusations of cheating on Alonzo, let alone ghosting the actress. Unfortunately, his assertion did not hinder Alonzo from standing by her truth.

“Apart from, of course, the whole infidelity thing and the whole ghosting thing, I think I’m mad at him now because he gaslighted me. I think it was more of that and until now, he’s not holding himself accountable. That’s what really gets me. He has not changed. Not a bit. He was only protecting himself. He’s selfish,” Alonzo said.

The seasoned actress seemed to have drained her cup about Anderson after going through so much.

“I can’t even find the words to describe that man,” she said.

Alonzo also revealed during the interview that she has only encountered her ex once since their breakup, and it was at the 2019 Star Magic Ball. She added that she didn’t get a chance to confront the actor because they were slowed down by traffic.

“Nakita ko yung likod niya nung ball pero na-traffic kami, hindi ko na sya nakita and medyo nakainom pa naman ako ‘nun,” she shared.

But if she had the chance, she would have given Anderson a feel of her hand.

“I would’ve slapped him. I would have,” Alonzo admitted.

Alonzo said that she felt betrayed when Anderson ghosted her, leaving her in the cold and clueless about what’s happening.

Her controversial social media post “ENOUGH” was an act of self-reprisal for her. She felt like she had regained her power and a weight had been taken from her shoulders.

“To be honest, when he ghosted me, para akong na-scam. As in like, when I posted what I posted, (the “ENOUGH” over black on her Instagram), it felt like a weight off my shoulder. Parang I felt I was able to get my power back. Parang naisip ko, in my head, ‘Let me show you who I really am,” she said.

The award-winning actress has learned her lesson from her last relationship, just like any other woman who has experienced heartache.

“Siguro ‘yung baon ko talaga is not to let myself be cheated on that way ever again, by anybody. I will never subject myself anymore to that type of relationship,” Alonzo declared.

Alonzo sat down in an exclusive interview with MEGA Entertainment Editor G3 San Diego and made this revelation last February 28, just days before Anderson finally confirmed his relationship with actress Julia Barretto.

Barretto and Anderson were romantically linked after they co-starred in the 2019 film “Between Maybes” and were seen together at a party. However, the two remained mum on their relationship until Anderson finally admitted it in a one-on-one interview with Boy Abunda last March 5.

The 32-year-old actor also mentioned in his tell-all interview that his relationship with Alonzo was “very toxic” and firmly denied the accusations of ghosting her.

Alonzo and Anderson’s relationship came to an end in 2019 when Alonzo said that Anderson ghosted her and “he just started not talking to me.”

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