BLACK SHEEP’S BLACK PACK: An Experience of 3 Internationally Recognized Feature Films

Black Sheep’s BlackPack offering wherein audiences can access three internationally-recognized films such as ‘Death of Nintendo,’ ‘Motel Acacia,” and ‘Oda Sa Wala’ by purchasing just one ticket on

BLACK SHEEP, a film outfit under ABS-CBN, is known for films that tell fresh stories with a vision that have no boundaries. And now, a first of its kind in our distributions we bring you BLACK SHEEP’S BLACK PACK, 3 exciting films in 1 exclusive access.

For the very first edition, we programmed Black Sheep’s 3 internationally recognized films: Raya Martin’s DEATH OF NINTENDO, Bradley Liew’s MOTEL ACACIA and Dwein Baltazar’s ODA SA WALA. After their World Premieres and screenings in various International Film Festivals, finally they’re home and will be available in the Philippines.

From Nostalgia of our youth and of the 90s in Death of Nintendo to suspenseful action- packed adventure in a mysterious Motel Acacia to finding luck and love in stillness in Oda Sa Wala, Black Sheep is all set to take you to 1 cinematic journey this summer.

Black Sheep’s Black Pack is streaming on April 23, 2021 via and iWant TFC. Tickets are available on with an EARLY BIRD ticket price of 250php (Until April 22 only) and with a regular ticket price of 300php


Set in Manila in the 1990s, DEATH OF NINTENDO takes us into the colorful pop culture world of four teenage friends, back in the days when video games were still a novelty. During a summer, Mimaw and her friends Paolo, Kachi and Gilligan go on a journey of self-discovery together as they try to one-up each other’s high scores and face life’s obstacles, including puppy love, peer pressure and balancing family tradition with self-identity.

Runtime: 98 min

Language: English, Tagalog/Filipino with English Subtitle Genre: Period, Comedy-Drama, Coming-of-Age

Festivals and Screenings:

(WORLD PREMIERE) Berlin International Film Festival-Generation Kplus Toronto International Film Festival-Next Wave Canada

Busan International Film Festival Sarajevo International Film Festival Cineteca Madrid

Pesaro, Italy

Buster, Copenhagen Denmark Calgary, Canada

Odesa, Ukraine Urbanworld, NY

LA Asian Pacific, CA NY Asian, NY Taoyuan, Taiwan Hawaii

Minsk, Belarus

QCinema International Film Festival Hainan Island, China Cinematheque Macau

Colorado Dragon Boat Portland Film Festival BAFICI Argentina Milwaukee, WI


Director Raya Martin

Writer/Producer Valerie Castillo Martinez

Producers (Black Sheep)

Marizel Samson-Martinez

Kriz G. Gazmen Marjorie B. Lachica Executive Producers Carlo L. Katigbak Olivia M. Lamasan Co-Producers

Lope Juban Nikolo Juban Jeremy Chua

Associate Producers Alexander Nishioka Dan Sima

Joseph Zamora Jeremiah Oh Kang Xin Ying

Director of Photography

Ante Cheng Assistant Director Timmy Harn

Production Designers Whammy Alcazaren Thesa Tang


Cyril Aris

Sound Designer Andy Sisul Composers Zeke Khaseli Yudhi Arfani


Kim Chloe Oquendo      Mimaw

Noel Comia Jr                 Paolo

John Vincent Servilla… Kachi Jigger Sementilla……………….. Gilligan

Elijah Alejo                     Shiara

Cayden Williams.           Jimbo

Jude Servilla                   Badong

Agot Isidro                     Patricia

Nikki Valdez.                  Maribel

Angelina Canapi            Shirley

Ramon Bautista              Kuya Johnny

Lou Veloso                      Mang Pido


JC, a young Filipino man, is forced to take over the family business set by his estranged tyrant father, a lonesome motel in the remote wilderness, providing shelter to illegal immigrants on behalf of the Government. Butas JC and the guests soon discover, Motel Acacia is home to a dark and ancient spirit trapped in a bed, which devours men and impregnates women. After the death of his father, JC is set with an impossible task–stopping the men his father failed to kill from escaping whilst still keeping everyone alive. With food running out and a violent blizzard preventing the guests to leave, a desperate fight for survival begins. In an attempt to rid himself from his father’s shadow, JC risks losing his own humanity.

GENRE: Supernatural Horror, Suspense LANGUAGE: English, Filipino, Thai RUNNING TIME: 88 min

Festivals and Screenings:

(WORLD PREMIERE) Tokyo International Film Festival Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

Jogja Netpac Asian Film Festival


DIRECTOR Bradley Liew

SCREENPLAY Bradley Liew & Bianca Balbuena


Bianca Balbuena Bradley Liew Jeremy Chua BoštjanVirc SinišaJuričič    Kriz Gazmen

Marizel S. Martinez


Olivia Lamasan Carlo Katigbak Bianca Balbuena Jeremiah Oh Yeh Jufeng BoštjanVirc Quark Henares Joe Caliro


Ivy Y.H. Chiang Armi Rae Cacanindin

Kang Xin Ying Sam Tzu-Hsiang Yuan

Rica Salvador Lee Chatametikool


Larry Manda


Vincent Villa


Benjamin Padero & Carlo Tabije


Benjamin Tolentino


Chris Letcher


JC Santos.                       JC

Jan Bijvoet                   The Father

Nicholas Saputra                      Don

Agot Isidro                                Angeli

Vithaya Pangringarm                              Sami

Bront Palarae                          Bront

Will Jaymes.                         James

Talia Zucker                     Cathy


Sonya is an old maid stuck in a town that long ceased to recognize her existence but only until one fateful morning when a mysterious corpse arrives at the footsteps of their family-owned funeral shop. Bringing forth strange luck and fortune, Sonya instantly gets drawn to the corpse’s mystique, reinvigorating not only her life but also that of her father Mang Rudy. But luck would eventually dry up, provoking further distress back to Sonya’s life. She faces the reality that her existence is nothing more that of the corpse, at the tail end of its mortality staring life wither away.

Genre: Drama

Language: Tagalog (Filipino) Running Time: 92 mins

Festivals and Screenings:

(WORLD PREMIERE) QCinema International Film Festival (INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE) Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Luang Prabang Film Festival

Exground Filmfest

Jogja Netpac Asian Film Festival Filmfest Hamburg


Written and Directed By Dwein Ruedas Baltazar

Produced by Bianca Balbuena-Liew Iana Celest Bernardez

Kriz Gazmen Marizel Samson-Martinez

Executive Producers Carlo L. Katigbak Olivia M. Lamasan Eduardo Lejano Jr.

Manet Dayrit Cinematographer Neil Daza


Immanuel Verona


Richard Gonzales


Dia Dia Magsaysay Production Design Marxie Maolen Fadul Editor

Dwein Ruedas Baltaza


Marietta Subong             Sonya

Joonee Gamboa             Rudy

Angelita Loresco            Old Woman/Dead Body

Dido Dela Paz.               Theodore

Anthony Falcon               Elmer

Iana Bernardez.              Elmer’s Wife

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