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Derek Ramsay admits breaking up with Andrea Torres via the phone only

Ramsay revealed that their break-up over the phone was one of his regrets.

Actor Derek Ramsay admits breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, Kapuso actress Andrea Torres via the phone.

In his interview with talk show host and showbiz reporter Christy Fermin in Christy Ferminute, he revealed how he and Torres broke up.

Ramsay revealed that their break-up over the phone was one of his regrets.

“Hindi sa phone po namin, yun lang yung siguro, kung may regret ako, is that it came up over the phone. Actually, dapat magkikita kami noon, nangyari it came up over the phone.”

He also clarified that there was no disrespect for both parties during their breakup. He added that they both agreed to end their relationship.

“Pero with no disrespect hindi namin dinesrespect ang isa’t isa, she agreed to it also. Nag-ano nga ako kung pwede ko makausap yung tatay at kinausap ko din naman yung nanay.”

He also recounted what he said during the breakup, noting that they ended the relationship because they could not see eye-to-eye and they had different views that would cause issues two to three years down the road of their relationship.

“So I told her, ‘I think this is the end of this relationship. Because we cannot see eye-to-eye on this matter, so I think it’s just best that we just, you know, kumalas na tayo ngayon. Rather nang lalaki pa, and then, two, three years down the road, maghihiwalay tayo babalikan natin to kasi iba ang views natin sa problemang yan. And it’s a waste of time. And, it’s a waste of effort, and masakit di ba?’

“So, ayun ako yung nakipagkalas, sabi ko, and she agree.”

Finally, Ramsay hinted that they had different values growing up that led to their breakup. He also confirmed with Fermin that Andrea’s family had something to do with their separation.

Yung sa amin ni Andrea, ako yung, may problema na nangyari na I guess nagbigay sa akin ng sign na I think this relationship, our views, yung problemang yon, yung values namin, ng isa’t isa, it’s not the same. Hindi mali yung values nya, hindi mali yung values ko. Pero ganto sya pinalaki, ganon sya pinalaki. Hindi ko na aatakihin yun, hindi ko sya babaguhin, hindi rin nya ko babaguhin.”

Earlier, Ramsay confirmed his breakup with Torres through a comment to a fan on his Instagram account after much speculations from netizens.

Weeks after his break-up, news about Ramsay’s split surfaced, rumors of his romantic relationship with Ellen Adarna came up. Later on, they confirmed the rumors and revealed their relationship. After that, Ramsay revealed his plans of marrying Adarna this 2021.

Ramsay and Torres were to take on the GMA Network series, Sanggang Dikit, which is currently on pause because of the pandemic and the former couple’s breakup.

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