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GMA Network truly cares as singer Psalms David expresses his gratitude to the network

Psalms improvement was not only because of hard work but also because of GMA Network’s way of looking after its talents.

It has been almost three years since Psalms David became a part of the GMA Network.

But in the span of those years, Psalms has improved a lot. Now that he is singing Christian Bautista’s “I Need To Know”, his voice must be prepared for it is a vocally challenging song.

During the virtual press conference for “I Need To Know”, the 20-year-old singer shared the process of him getting to sing Bautista’s song. In fact, Psalms admitted that it was a really difficult song. However, being competitive, he took the challenge and accepted the invitation of the composer to have him sing it.

“Ako, as a person who wants to challenge himself in order to learn, I took the challenge. It was a good decision. Because it widened my range. The more I sing it, the more my range expands. And vocally it is a good way to strengthen my way of singing,” shared Psalms.

The singer also highlighted how he trained every single day in order to hit the proper notes. He sang every single day, nonstop—helping him adapt.

“Malaking tulong ang me singing everyday. And that’s one thing na I believe na malaking tulong. Me singing everyday, merong times na walang pahinga, everyday lang ako kumakanta. That helped my voice to adapt to it, adapt to the pressure to singing everyday, and help my voice to be comfortable in singing that frequent,” he said.

Nevertheless, it is not just through rigorous practice and singing the song numerous times why Psalms grew.

Before joining “The Clash”, Psalms recalled how he lacked the confidence in singing songs with high notes.

“When I joined the clash, my voice was very different. I tried doing high notes, I sing RnB. Pero that time, I wasn’t confident with it,” admitted the singer.

Although he did not win the singing competition, he received a contract from GMA Music. And that is where he received workshops to further hone his skills and learn new skills in singing. With the guidance of GMA Network through singing coach Zebedee Zuñiga, he can now sing vocally challenging songs with ease.

“With all the workshops that GMA has given me, I am confident to sing Bruno Mars songs original key, because of the techniques na tinuro sakin ni coach Zebedee Zuñiga. He helped me hone my voice into something na I wanted to have. So I’m really grateful din kay sir Zeb kasi he gave me tools, he gave me ways on how I will sing this song effectively and safely,” said Psalms.

“And because of those workshops, never na ako napaos. Because tama yung technique na ginagamit ko. And I’m happy for myself na I’m singing healthily,” he added.

With the Kapuso Network showing how it cares, Psalms found himself improving by a lot.

“Sobrang daming nagbago. I’m confident to say I improved a lot. And I’m really proud of myself for geting here and alam ko madami pa akong matutunan,” he said.

“I Need To Know” is the sophomore single of former clasher Psalms David and was released last April 15, 2021. His debut single “Hindi na Magtatagal” was released last year, 2020. His first song was about the pain and acceptance of letting go.

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