Following backlash for her ‘Sorry Not Needed’ comment, Liza Soberano explains the real meaning of her statement

They attacked Soberano while others stressed her comment as ‘insensitive’. They also lectured the 23-year-old actress about being sympathetic. Unsavory words were thrown at the former choice to succeed Locsin as Darna.

After sympathizing with Angel Locsin, who had a tragic birthday-cum-community pantry celebration on Friday, April 23, Liza Soberano is in hot water for her statement regarding some Netizens who blamed Locsin for the death of a 67-year-old man.

To console, Locsin, Soberano wrote, “You don’t need to say sorry ate dahil hindi mo naman ginusto ang mga nangyari. We will be praying for tatay’s soul, for his family who is mourning, and for your good health and peace of mind.”

Her comment was in response to her fellow Kapamilya actress who got stressed with what occurred during that day and posted, “”Bago po ang lahat, humihingi po ako ng tawad sa pamilya. Kanina po pinuntahan at nakapag-usap po kami nang personal ng mga anak nya sa ospital. At habang-buhay po ako hihingi ng patawad sa kanila.”

Not the first time that Soberano to be a subject for ridicule. As a celebrity, she’s like a goldfish in a fishbowl. Her every move is picked on. In 2020, she got red-tagged by AFP’s Lt. General Antonio Parlade Jr. and bashed by DDS propagandist Jam Magno in March this year.

Some Netizens misunderstood what she wrote about.

They attacked Soberano while others stressed her comment as ‘insensitive’. They also lectured the 23-year-old actress about being sympathetic. Unsavory words were thrown at the former choice to succeed Locsin as Darna.

An Instagram user @jessamine018 commented her dismay towards Liza Soberano. She then said that Locsin’s bravery to be liable for the death of Tatay Ronaldo was a major turn on while Soberano’s stance is not.

“What happened wasn’t her intention but she felt that somehow she is responsible for it… That’s a major turn on for her… But for you to say that ‘You don’t need to say sorry,’… that’s a major turn off. Entitled ka ata masyado…saka medyo insensitive ‘yon at medyo na-disappoint tao sa ‘yo dahil dyan. Tsk tsk.”

On April 24, 2021, Soberano tweeted to clarify her comment on Locsin’s Instagram post. She said that she referred to those people demanding sorry from Locsin even though she has nothing to do with the incident.

She then tweeted that she was not referring to Tatay Rolando’s family. She apologized for dragging the family and to those offended by her comment.

Other Netizens perceived Soberano’s comment in a different light and defended her.

A twitter user @lcros186 said that some misinterpreted Soberano’s comment. The tweet said, the bashers may have failed to comprehend Soberano’s comment or they refused to take it.

Twitter user @CottonBunny91 expressed her support for Soberano. She then said that it is unfortunate for Filipinos to have twisted minds.

Another twitter user @uknowhmm said that people who are fond of instigating hate have the capacity to twist everything. Just like Locsin’s intention, Soberano’s comment got twisted too. Others do not have common sense at all.

To recall, a massive crowd flocked to Locsin’s community pantry at Barangay Holy Spirit, Quezon City that led to the sudden death of Rolando Dela Cruz. While waiting for his turn to receive free goods, he fainted and died when rushed to East Avenue Medical Center.

Tatay Rolando’s daughter, Jessica Fosana narrated the events prior to her father’s death. According to Fosana, it was around six o’clock in the morning when her father left their home to buy ‘Balut’. To her surprise, her father fainted and died.

“Bibili lang siya ng balut, hindi na nakabalik. ‘Yun pala pumila doon tapos nalaman namin mga 9:30, inatake daw, ay nahimatay daw maya-maya… Nabalitaan namin inatake daw, patay na daw,” Fosana shared.

Fosana also said that her father is fond of attending activities that involve donations but their family prohibits him from doing so.

“Alam niya na hindi namin siya papayagan niyan. Hindi nagpapaalam ‘yan, bigla lang ‘yan nawawala, tumatakas ‘yan siguro natuwa siya kay Angel Locsin na maraming ibibigay.”

The family is in deep agony because of their father’s demise. The family said that no one is responsible for their father’s death hence no one must take the blame.

Locsin’s colleagues who also expressed sympathies were Vice Ganda, Dimples Romana, Bea Alonzo, Iza Calzado, Alessandra De Rossi, and many more.

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