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LOOK: ‘Innamorata’s’ return to GMA Network trends thanks to Max Collins’ eyelashes

The rerun of the Kapuso drama fantasy teleserye, Innamorata returns this May 24, 3:25 pm, on GMA Network.

GMA Network’s 2014 drama fantasy series Innamorata trended on Twitter during its return to free TV. And, it’s all because of Max Collins’ eyelashes.

In the poster for the series rerun, Collins is with actor Adrian Alandy and Gwen Zamora. However, what stood out from the advertisement was her left eyelash which seemed out of place.

As a result, netizens took to social media to review the said ad.

Writer and creator Juan Miguel Severo expressed concern about her eyelash.

One netizen wondered why the makeup artist didn’t use lash glue for Collins’ eyelashes.

Other netizens referenced RuPaul Drag Race: All-Stars contestant Gia Gunn to help fix the eyelash.

One netizen also jested that it’s the falsies for her, while another teased that the false eyelash was barely holding on.

Another netizen joked, claiming that the eyelash is adding to the mental stress she is experiencing.

This netizen, on the other hand, related the poster to a TikTok hack.

Earlier, Collins made news after eagle-eyed netizens noticed her and beau Pancho Magno’s Instagram accounts lacking family photos. As a result, some have started asking whether the real-life couple has called it quits.

As for the rerun of the Kapuso drama fantasy teleserye, Innamorata returns this May 24, 3:25 pm, on GMA Network. The series follows the story of Esperanza (Collins), an optimistic woman with a skin condition who falls for Edwin (Adrian Alandy), a blind man who sees the heroine beyond her physical appearance.

The plot picks up when Esperanza meets a man with the same skin condition who lets her stay in his mansion. She starts having strange dreams of Alejandra (Gwen Zamora). The mysterious woman points her towards a magical necklace that changes her appearance when she wears it.

The rerun also stars Dion Ignacio, Jackie Rice, Pinky Amador, Michael de Mesa, and Rita Avila.


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