Pfizer Philippines Foundation donates P1M to Kythe Foundation’s Child Life Services Program

Kythe Foundation’s Tele-Child Life services provides helpful online play and therapeutic play sessions over video calls to pediatric patients.

In its goals to aid in the crucial development of young Filipino children, Pfizer Philippines Foundation Inc. (PFFI) recently provided a P1 million grant to Kythe Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of hospitalized children with cancer and other chronic illnesses.

This donation by PFFI marks the renewal of a partnership with Kythe and follows another. The amount will go to the support of Kythe’s Tele-Child Life services, which provides helpful online play and therapeutic play sessions over video calls to pediatric patients. Therapeutic play sessions are important to chronically ill children as it aids in their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Four hospitals around the Philippines will receive the grant, namely the Philippine Children’s Medical Center, National Children’s Hospital, the Cebu Cancer Institute, and the Philippine Orthopedic Center.

“We wanted to continue our support for Kythe because we saw how effective their Child Life Services were. Through the activities we had with Kythe over the years, we saw firsthand the positive effect of therapeutic play sessions to the children,” said Anna Mayor, Program Manager at PPFI.

“One of the most important things in this partnership is seeing how Pfizer believes that it takes more than just medicine to heal our children. They understand that holistic care is needed,” said Dr. Angie Sievert Fernandez, program manager for Kythe’s Child Life Services. “With Pfizer as our partner, we are able to sustain our services and reach as many children as possible.”

Kythe has helped more than 8,000 children through its Child Life Services in 2020, while PFFI has been supporting the organization since 2003.

Pfizer Philippines Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit corporation organized to perform charitable and social welfare activities and programs geared towards improving health capacities, education, and awareness. Founded in 1997, PPFI seeks to serve Filipino communities to improve health outcomes for a stronger nation of healthier citizens.

Through collaborations with non-government organizations (NGOs) and civic welfare groups, the government and its relevant agencies, as well as through the engagement of Pfizer colleagues as volunteers, PPFI aims to innovate, implement, and sustain equity-based programs that will significantly improve Filipinos’ healthcare access.

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