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Tony Labrusca faces acts of lasciviousness and physical injury charges

Tony Labrusca is facing 2 criminal cases filed by a woman and a man before the Makati City Prosecutor Office.

Kapamilya star Tony Labrusca is facing 2 criminal cases filed by a woman and a man before the Makati City Prosecutor Office.

In a series of tweets by Kapamilya entertainment reporter MJ Felipe, Tony “was charged with two counts of aggravated acts of lasciviousness and aggravated slight physical injuries” which happened on January 16, 2021.

According to the complainant which happened to be a friend of businessman Drake Dustin Ibay, Tony intentionally flicked her spaghetti straps to expose her breasts and she was also “pulled from the waist” by the actor to sit on his lap.

The physical injury case on the other hand which was filed by Ibay’s brother stemmed from Tony’s alleged choking of him

Meanwhile, in a statement, the complainant’s lawyer Atty. Tongol said the victims were traumatized by the incident.

“The night was very traumatic for my clients as it is their first time to be victimized like this especially unexpected from one of the most idolized actors of the country presently. Mr. Labrusca being a public figure and a foreigner must learn not to be abusive of women.”

The lawyer added that his clients hope that with their coming forward with the case, more victims of abuses by public figures will be encouraged to come out also.

“My clients hope that this case would encourage women and anyone who have been victims of abuses by public figures such as Mr. Labrusca whether sexual or otherwise to not be afraid to stand up and be heard.”

Labrusca’s camp on the other hand called the accusations “mere allegations and unfounded claims”.

In an Instagram story of Labrusca’s legal counsel Atty. Joji Alonso said that they have yet to receive a copy of the complaint so they cannot give any legal comments as of the moment.

She then advised the public to refrain from giving judgment against Tony based on the mere claims by the complainants.

She also added that they welcome the legal process and that in the end, they know that the truth will prevail.

“We call the public to be mindful of casting judgment based on mere allegations and unfounded claims.

“We welcome the legal process taking its course, wherein the end, the truth shall always prevail.”


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