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Marco Gallo frankly shares sentiments about his stay in showbiz

Marco is now part of the upcoming film, Gluta which is directed and written by Darryl Yap.

Filipino-Italian Marco Gallo gave no filtered comments during the recent face-to-face mediacon of Gluta held at Boteyju Estancia, Ortigas, Pasig City.

The 20-year-old celebrity didn’t hold back as he frankly voices out his sentiments. During his stay in showbiz, Marco said he received a lot of judgment from people though he also learned to care less.

“I got judged a lot because of my actions. But let me tell you, the more I stay in showbiz, the less I care.”

He added, “No matter what you do, no matter what you believe, no matter what you say, people will always have something to say regarding how you think, how you see it.”

“In fact, to me, as long as I’m not stepping on anybody, as long as I know my friends are not doing anything wrong, I’m gonna let them be how they want to be,” he said.

Marco admitted up he is already fed up and tired of people who always have negative things to say instead of giving support.

He argued, “It’s tiring to see that instead of people supporting each other, they always have something negative to say. How tiring is that.”

Learning to adapt to this kind of situation, he said negative comments don’t bother him anymore.

Marco added, “We know who we are. We know what we do.”

What is the wrong assumption people think about you?

Answering this, Marco recalled that he was accused of using other people but he dismissed this issue.

“I think that’s the most mistaking thing that people have about me, that I use people. I think if you really get to sit down a dinner with me, you’ll probably understand that I’ll be the last person who’ll use you” Marco explained.

As he further discussed, Marco said that it was the other way around.

He revealed, “I got shocked how people use me when I was in showbiz. I didn’t believe that there was that kind of people. I thought it was just in movies.”

“But when I got in showbusiness career, I just understood how people are greedy sometimes. How people are not genuine to you even if they look like. I disgust that. I don’t wanna waste my time in having a conversation with you if it’s fake. I do not like that. What’s the point? I would rather not talk to you. I would rather you not talk to me if you are gonna be “showbiz artista” to me,” he continued.

When he was asked: “Why people think of you that way?”

“Oh, because all they see me is through a screen. I don’t think they have the chance to actually meet me. If you ever have a comment, you talk to me about it. I’d rather you come to me and talk to me about it rather than chatting me on Instagram and telling me how I am.”

The male star was known for being part of Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7 aired in 2016. In 2017, he appeared in his first movie project Loving In Tandem starring Maymay Entrata, the ultimate big winner of PBB – 7. His career is under the management of the Viva Artists Agency. He also had appearances in the shows: Ipaglaban Mo (2014), Harry and Patty (2018), Maalaala Mo Kaya (2019), Familia Blondina (2019), and others.

Marco is now part of the upcoming film, Gluta which is directed and written by Darryl Yap. There, he is playing as the suitor of Ella Cruz’s character named Angel, an indigenous Aeta who has always dreamed of becoming a beauty titlist despite all the discouragements and ridicule she’s been getting because of her dark skin.

The film’s cast also include Arlene Muhlach, Rose van Ginkel, Juliana Parizcova Segovia, and Vincentiments talents Jobelyn Manuel and Loren Mariñas.

From VIVA Films and VinCentiments, Gluta is coming this July 2 exclusively on Vivamax.

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