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Maureen Wroblewitz apologizes for lying about her plans to join Miss Universe PH 2021

Through an Instagram post, Wroblewitz reasoned that she needed to keep it as a secret back then.

Asia’s Next Top Model winner and Star Magic artist Maureen Wroblewitz issued an apology to fans for lying about her plans to join Miss Universe Philippines in the past.

Through an Instagram post, Wroblewitz reasoned that she needed to keep it as a secret back then.

“Surprise! I apologize for the white lies. As difficult as it was, I had to keep this a secret,” she said in her post.

On Monday, she was announced as one of the Top 100 applicants for this year’s search for the next Miss Universe-Philippines.


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Maureen felt that this was the right time for her to join the pageantry after taking much consideration.

“It’s true what I’ve said in my interviews. I’ve always considered dipping my toes in pageantry and committing to it when I felt ready. It was not until I received my sign from the Universe, that I knew I couldn’t wait for that feeling of readiness and that I’d have to take that first step in order to feel ready,” she explained.

The 23-year-old model thinks that this opportunity will help her grow and bring her out of her comfort zone.

“I’ve shared the importance of getting out of your comfort zone as a means to grow as a person and that’s what I’m doing once again.

“This feels new and to be honest, I’m terrified but I’ve come to realize that I just fear the unknown…What I fear most though is living a life of regrets. I don’t want to grow old thinking that I should’ve joined, alternatively I would like to say ‘I’m glad I’ve joined.’”

She was also thankful for her fans who showed support for her and her decision to unfold a new chapter in life.

“Please know that I very much appreciate all the love and your kind words. This is the new chapter I’ve talked about in a recent post and I humbly ask for your continued support,” Wroblewitz said.

She also left advice for everyone, “I hope through this I inspire you to reach for the Universe. It’s all up to you. You can achieve anything you put your mind to and sometimes if you believe hard enough the Universe will conspire in helping you succeed.”

In June 2021, Maureen was questioned about her interest in the pageantry but she stated that she [still] unsure for she still needed to prepare if she is to make that leap.

“Well, I’ve always considered it [as I’ve said] in my past interviews. I’ve always said that I’m open to it as in I’m not closing any doors. When I feel like I’m super ready and I get a sign from the universe then I’m willing to join. I just wanna be prepared.”

When asked about the aspects of beauty pageants she feels like she needs to improve, Maureen said that it’s the catwalk as the modeling catwalk and beauty queen walk are different. She also mentioned that she needed more practice when it comes to the question and answer portion.

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