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Would James Reid be ready to see Nadine Lustre with a new suitor?

In January 2020, Lustre and Reid ended their four-year relationship which left their fans devastated.

King of Talk Boy Abunda had James Reid thinking for a moment after the former asked if the latter is ready to see Nadine Lustre with someone else.

Tito Boy during his Friday episode of The Interviewer Presents read one of Reid’s questions that says: “Since you and Nadin are both single, are you ready to see her with a new suitor?”

However, the actor did not directly answer the question. Instead, he explained, “I don’t think anyone in that situation is really excited to see the ex with someone else.”

The King of Talk was not satisfied with Reid’s response that he asked this follow-up question: “But if it were your choice, what would you choose?”

Reid answered that he would allow his ex-girlfriend to have the best, to be happy.

“If magically I had to decide, of course, I would wish her the best. I want her to be happy,” the actor-musician answered.

He added: “I’m not a husband neither a father so she can do whatever makes her happiest.”

Earlier in an interview back in June, Lustre was also asked about the status of her relationship with Reid which she said that she is not putting any label on it.

But Lustre admitted that her former boyfriend is an active contributor to her growth as a musician.

“It is what it is,” Lustre briefly said.

According to her, Reid is responsible for all her projects, including her upcoming digital concert, produced by Careless Music, which is co-owned by the actor.

“He’s just pushing me. He’s actually the one lining up all the projects for me which I am really grateful for. I wouldn’t have done it without him, to be honest,” she revealed.

When asked if she is seeing anyone, Lustre was quick to say no.

“I’m definitely not seeing anybody. I am so busy. I have no time. I really told myself, I just wanna work on myself.”

In January 2020, Lustre and Reid ended their four-year relationship which left their fans devastated.

The following year, they were spotted together on certain occasions such as relief operations and a hike with friends amid the pandemic.

Lustre’s Wild Dreams was a collaboration between her and Reid which was released under the latter’s record label.

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