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REVIEW: ‘Karma’ finds Barbie Imperial in iWantTFC’s Click, Like, Share – Found

Karma finds a girl who secretly betrays her best friend, by stealing the man they have both fallen in love with.

Karma finds a girl who secretly betrays her best friend by stealing the man they have both fallen in love with.


Actors: Barbie Imperial, Jerome Ponce, Lance Reblando

Genre: Drama, Romance

Overview: Two friends support each other even in love. But when one’s time to meet the man of her life comes, the other finds herself falling for the same man, too. A complication conveniently becomes an opportunity for the other to take her friend’s place, but a complete turnaround happens when karma gets in their way.

Director: Emmanuel Palo

Running Time: 28 minutes

Watch it on: iWantTFC

Why You Should See It:

The latest Click, Like, Share episode has many things to say about falling in love online, but its most striking sentiment involves Kris (Lance Reblando), a transgender person who falls in love with Vince (Jerome Ponce) via a dating app.

With her best friend, Jenna (Barbie Imperial), by her side, Kris secretly meets Vince in person and finds out a side of the man she thought would be his ‘forever, which makes her take a backstep. Kris, finding out that Vince is homophobic and thus won’t likely accept her, blocked him on her social media accounts. Jenna, secretly liking Vince, took the chance to be that queen Vince once promised Kris to be his. They eventually got together without Kris’s knowing. However, things didn’t go as they initially planned. Vince does not look at Jenna with adoring eyes anymore, and Jenna no longer feels his warmth. A shocking secret she will soon unfold will tell Jenna why.

There is a great deal of moral lesson here. First, people have to be extra cautious when meeting people online. Second, there is usually more to it than meets the eye. That said, the greater sentiment here is brought about by Kris, whose presence in this story shares something about the universality of love. It also shares wonderful thoughts about how true love can be found in unexpected places and how destiny makes its way for two people, no matter the hurdles that come their way.

Unlike the first two (Lurker and Altered), this episode is less dark and is missing the usual suspense and thriller elements, but it is compelling nonetheless.

Stream the ‘Found’ episode of ‘Click, Like, Share’ on the iWantTFC app or the website. Watch the official episode teaser of ‘Found’ below:

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