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REVIEW: Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3101 provides an awe-inspiring sound for the day-to-day listening experience

If you intend to buy True wireless earphones and are conscious of your budget–you might consider this Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3101.

RichGo Philippines introduced the entry-level and affordable earbuds by Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3101. It has original sound quality that allows you to hear music exactly, comfortability that fits on your pocket when you need them with easy to connect Bluetooth 5.1 technology for paring to your device in an instant. 

If you intend to buy True wireless earphones and are conscious of your budget–you might consider this Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3101.


It has simple packaging that comes with a squared white box. Inside, included underneath is a USB to Type-c charging cable. Its charging case has a nice build with a matte-finish texture that depends on the color. It has three color options–black, white and blue. 

The unit we have is in black that is elegant-looking. 

In the front of the charging case, it has four led indicators for battery life and charging. The built-in LED power indicator displays the remaining battery capacity, so you never have to worry about running out of power. 

At the back, one can see the manufacturing details, and at the bottom of the charging case, there is a charging type c port. 

In the box also there are earbuds and look familiar to Apple AirPods. It is lightweight with a glossy finish. E3101 has an IP44 rated splash-proof design, meaning rain or any watery sweat will not interrupt your listening habit. Lastly, in the box, there is the manual and documentation with different languages written to it.


Pairing the device is quick and easy. Just need to enable Bluetooth on the device then select E3101 to pair, it has Bluetooth 5.1 that connects the earphones in an instant and 30 feet wireless listening range so it gives you full freedom with the earphones. 

To disconnect, simply put the earbuds in the lid of the charging case.

It has a vivid sound experience, that delivers rich high, crisp mids and clear, balanced bass that make you feel like one is at a concert. It is fairly an acceptable audio quality though, what’s noticeable is the lack of bass especially listening to bass-heavy genre music. 

The stereo sound feels wide and airy. It is pretty impressive on watching movies. Using the device in calling or audio mode, it enhances voice pick up and improves voice clarity so you can hear and be heard. 

I’m impressed on where one can have this kind of environment then calling inside a noisy area and yet can still use it just fine. The enhanced voice pick-up by Nokia seems working.

What impressed me about this E3101 is the design. It gives one the freedom to switch between a one-ear and a two-ear–so one can share music with friends or loved ones while walking around.

Another good feature is that it has touch controls.

One can play or pause music/video when tapping once. Tapping twice in the right earbud will play the next one. Tapping the left will make one go back to the playlist. Also, use the gesture for answering, dropping, rejecting calls, increasing and decreasing the volume.

Tapping the earbuds thrice will enable your trusty assistant with Google Assistant and Siri compatibility.

However, based on what I experienced, the earbuds are too sensitive. With a mere slight touch–it may play or pause the music unintentionally when arranging or moving, so one has to hold it in top and bottom of the earbud as like pinching.

Since the device is an open-ear design, one has to be extra careful when doing workouts sometimes. It might fall off one’s ears, especially when jumping and doing extra movements on the head. Keep in mind that these earphones might be suitable in some situations. One needs to be aware, especially in the public transportation area.

The battery life of the earphones is average, which claimed to last for up to five hours of playtime on a single charge. The charging case built-in has 350mah capacity. It can recharge the earphones three times and stay connected and enjoy music.

Nokia claims 20 hours of use endurance.

On my actual use {even without charging), it can last for more than three to four hours. Charging the case will take more than an hour from 0 to full.

This Christmastime, Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3101 is an ideal gift idea for young ones. The Nokia E3101 is available via Shopee and Lazada.


There are other offerings on wireless earbuds that can deliver more in terms of bass and power. RichGo has other or higher models. This E3101 is good for casual music listening, gaming, or watching usage.
It gets the job done.

It has simple, compact, and quick to pair with stable connectivity and range. One can make clear calls for work or other matters.

This device is for those people who are budget-conscious but looking for a good pair of earbuds.

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