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Ivana Alawi pulls a prank on Zeinab Harake by showing her a “bad attitude”

Alawi and Harake met up for the first time to do a Youtube collaboration video. The two were supposed to do a mukbang video while answering questions from fans.

Ivana Alawi acted as if she had a ‘bad attitude’ as a part of her prank to fellow Youtuber Zeinab Harake.

Alawi and Harake met up to do a Youtube collaboration video for the first time. The two were supposed to do a mukbang video while answering questions from fans.

However, Alawi planned otherwise as she set up to prank Harake by showing her bad attitude.

While filming their mukbang video, Alawi raised her voice to the staff that asked them questions. The Youtube star claimed that the staff did not research when compiling the questions.

Zeinab then tried to light up the situation by asking a different question: “‘Yung masaya na lang. Kailan po magdyodyowa ang isang Ivana Alawi.”

Alawi’s road manager, who also knew about the prank, then told off Harake and requested that she should not ask personal questions — a statement that made Alawi more irritated.

As the situation progressed, Harake was starting to feel uncomfortable. All she could do was comfort Alawi and calmed her down.

But Alawi decided to turn it up a notch as she told Harake that they should just re-schedule their collaboration claiming that Harake is not in the mood for it.

“Mag-resched tayo kasi parang hindi kami comfortable sa isa’t isa. Ayaw ni Zeinab na mag-video din. Nahihiya siya sa mga questions,” said Alawi.

Harake then quickly responed, “Hindi naman sa ayaw kong mag-video. Ano lang.”

But Alawi cut her off saying, “Hindi, parang kasi kanina pa eh… na parang sabi mo tapos bigla kang tumitigil.”

Harake then confronted Alawi, saying that the Youtube star gets easily frustrated.

“Kasi te, ano nga. Nagkakaron ng like halimbawa may questions akong ibibigay sa ‘yo, ang nangyayari may nagiging error. So ikaw, nagboblow up,” said Harake.

At this point, Alawi decided to reveal the prank as she said: “Hindi, parang may gusto kasi akong sabihin. It’s a prank!”

Alawi then burst into laughter while Harake was left dumbfounded. Then, the two shared a hug while Harake expressed her dismay over Alawi’s “bad attitude.”

“T*ngin*! Pinipilit kong ikalma ‘yung sarili ko kasi naaawa na din ako kay Kuya.”

Harake referred to the restaurant’s waiter, who also knew about Alawi’s prank.

Harake continued, “Sabi ng PA ko, ‘Madam, okay ka lang ba?’ Sumesenyas siya. Kasi sabi ko, ‘Ugh!’ Pinipilit kong… baka kasi pumutok ako, may tama rin kasi ako.”

“Collab po ipinunta ko dito, happiness.

“Sabi ko baka mag-prank si Ivana. Pwedeng i-prank niya ako pero yung content kasi mukbang. Hindi naman niya gagawin ‘yung nilason niya ‘yung sarili niya. Iba pala ‘yung ginawa.

“Teka lang, hinga lang ako,” she said.

Alawi then commended Harake’s patience and on how she handled the situation.

“Super love ka namin. At talagang nakita n’yo ang pasensya ni Zeinab na kahit nandoon na ‘yung pasensya ko, chill pa rin siya tsaka kino-comfort pa niya ako. Nakakatuwa ‘yung puso niya.”

This was not the first time that Alawi pulled off a prank. She previously trended for her “homeless person” prank where she repays the people who offered her help.

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