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Geneva Cruz claps back at basher who criticized her photos showing her cleavage

Geneva lambasted the basher in a classy way saying, “Unfollow me because being a judgmental person is not a savage look for you.”

Geneva Cruz did not take bashing lightly as she fired back at her basher, who criticized her photos online.

In one of her Instagram posts, one basher noted that the 45-year-old actress would always flaunt her cleavage.

“The fact that almost all of your pictures show your cleavage proves how much you need attention,” the netizen said.

Geneva lambasted the basher in a classy way, saying, “Unfollow me because being a judgmental person is not a savage look for you.”

She also said she would please no one but herself with her photos.

“Plus, the cleavage, leg, or arm shots are not going anywhere because I am not going to wear long sleeves, hoodie, and jeans in the Philippines all the freaking time just for you. I please myself, not you or anyone else, thank you,” said Geneva.

This was not the first time the actress clapped back at her bashers. In May 2021, she responded to a basher who labeled her the ugliest among her cousins.

Meanwhile, during the media conference for her series “Little Princess” in January 2022, she revealed that she only answers her bashers to educate them.

“I don’t call it patol. I call it educating them.

“If they come to my [page] and they talk about my singit or something and I’m on a beach and it’s a guy and they say ‘oh bakit ganyan.’ I’ll say, ‘Excuse me. I’m a mother of two. Dalawang bata na ang lumabas diyan. And look at my body. How about you focus on that,” she said.

She chooses a kind approach to educate her bashers.

“The best way to actually deal with them is to deal with them through love and kindness and also being yourself and educating them.”

Geneva Cruz is a part of the Kapuso series “Little Princess.” The series is directed by L.A Madridejos and is under the GMA Entertainment Group Production Heads – SVP for Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable, FVP for Drama Redgie A. Magno, SAVP for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy, Program Manager Dennis Joi K. Bentulan, and Executive Producer Arlene D. Pilapil.

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