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After a pilot accused VP Leni Robredo of unfounded claims, Edu Manzano, promised to skip a Cebu Pacific plane ride

Edu Manzano swore not to take a flight with Cebu Pacific for its pilot’s unfounded claims against VP Leni Robredo.

In April this year, Robredo got accused of causing flight diversions at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

The Cebu Pacific pilot claimed that VP Leni Robredo requested a priority landing at the NAIA. In a tweet on Tuesday, May 17, Edu Manzano swore not to take a flight with Cebu Pacific as one of its pilots made unfounded claims against Vice President Leni Robredo.

Manzano criticized the said Cebu Pacific pilot via retweets with his captions.

He retweeted this: “I’m calling for @CebuPacificAir to fire that pilot who made up a story on the VP. What does that act make him as a person? As a Cebu Pacific pilot? What a horrible human being. All for what? A chance to make the VP look bad? At the expense of his employer? Kaloka.”

He also wrote his caption on a the pilot’s behavior,” Has he had a psych test? Should he still be allowed to fly?”

A netizen asked,“Ikaw ba, Chairman @realedumanzano sasakay pag ganyan ang piloto?”

“No way! Seriously, he should be tested. It’s not a joke. I have a family!” Manzano responded.

Manzano’s father, Adrian, also agreed that it’s not best to fly with Cebu Pacific until the issue is resolved.

“I have to agree! What is his state of mind? I will definitely not fly #CebuPAC until they have addressed the issue,” he said.

“More than that you worry about his state of mind. Will never trust my family in his hands,” Manzano added.

Via a social media post, Cebu Pacific Air Flight Operations Vice President Captain Sam Avila took command responsibility and offered VP Robredo his apology over the erroneous and unfounded claim by one of its pilots. 

The said pilot got placed under disciplinary review, according to him.

Though under review, and has already been deleted.

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