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Jace Roque recognizes P-Pop’s role in EDM’s acceptance in the country

“It helps rin na ina-accept ng audience ang music ko, yung music ng ibang artists na nagbibigay ng bagong flavor sa mundo ng OPM.”

Returning Electronic Dance Music (EDM) artist Jace Roque on Tuesday, May 24, tries to once again popularize the EDM genre in the Philippines through his latest singles Di Para Sa’yo and Be Someone.

In 2020, Roque retracted from the spotlight after introducing his multi-genre his Tagalog-English single Forever to some members of the press. This time, he offers new EDM songs to capture the public’s hearts.

His latest singles Di Para Sa’yo and Be Someone were “evolution na siya ng sound ko.”

Admittedly, the artist had to “tone down” his artistry since Filipinos have yet to accept his genre. But with the emergence of P-Pop, he figured out that listeners could finally accept EDM.

“Sa Western and Kpop, very prevalent ang dance music. Kaya ngayon nagkaroon ako ng chance ulit to showcase my actual sound without compromising, without toning down, na ito na yung sound ko na walang inhibition. Whenever I produce music ngayon hindi ko na siya tine-take account na baka hindi pa accepted. Because nag-catch up na ang market sa gusto kong music,” he explained during a virtual interview with LionhearTV.

He added, “So at least ngayon with 2022, even before the rise of P-pop three years ago, nag-widen na yung pandinig ng audience. Naghanap na sila ng bagong flavor.

“With new groups sprouting, groups and soloists na nagbibigay ng different flavors, na parang nag-meet na rin ang expectation ng audience and gustong ipakita ng mga artists na may iba pang sound aside from pop, RnB, ballad, rock, which is yung dance music.”

Roque said that P-Pop helped EDM be recognized.

“Ang pinaka-main kasi is yung P-pop. Parang siya yung nag-propel na ma-accept ang dance music, na as a Filipino, maganda rin pala ang tunog ng EDM sa Tagalog; acceptable rin kapag yung Filipino ang nagpe-perform ng EDM.

“It helps rin na ina-accept ng audience ang music ko, yung music ng ibang artists na nagbibigay ng bagong flavor sa mundo ng OPM.”

Creating his music

Roque follows the same process for his Tagalog and English tracks, with minor adjustments to the former. The artist said that he uses simpler terms in his songs.

“So ang ginagamit ko na mga words with my Tagalog track is conversational, maiintindihan nang lahat, hindi na kailangan ng dictionary.”

He also considers the elements of pop sensibility and relatability in creating a much-appealing sound.

His main ingredient, however, is his experience and variety of influences.

“Ang naco-contribute ko talaga with my sound is yung makikita kasi sa music ko ang personality ko and the different influences ko ever since, yun nga, growing up, ito lahat ang influences ko. Kapag narinig mo ang sound ko, medyo familiar siya but it’s distinct, na wala akong kapareho.

“Because iyon ang maririnig na—mahilig akong mag-blend, gumawa ng hybrid sounds. Pulling from different influences na siyempre bawat tao may different journey sa buhay. Parang itong elements sa music ko hindi mo mahanap because ako lang ang naka-experience nito.

“Yung flavor ko talaga is iyong experiences ko, yung influences ko. Iyon ang parang nagse-set apart ng music ko with other EDM tracks dito sa Philippines.”

Roque’s latest song, Be Someone, was released on Friday, May 22, and is currently at number 25 on the iTunes leaderboard.

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