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Journalists react to Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s press briefing with a select media organization

Several journalists have reacted to the recent press conference by President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. with a few selected media organizations.

Several journalists have reacted to the recent press conference by President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. with a few selected media organizations.

Following his proclamation on Wednesday, May 25, Marcos Jr. held a press conference at his Mandaluyong campaign headquarters on Thursday, May 26.

Only three media networks were invited, Net25, SMNI, and GMA Network.

In a tweet, Rappler correspondent Lian Buan (who’s the reporter assigned to Marcos Jr.’s campaign) said they were not told about the press briefing and were advised that the Mandaluyong HQ would be closed on that day.

“NOW: President-elect Bongbong Marcos holds what appears to be a press briefing for select media outfits. His Press Sec Atty Trixie Cruz Angeles by his side. We were not told of this briefing, and were told their HQ is closed today. Net25, SMNI, GMA only ones there “

Kapamilya journalist Mike Navallo also tweeted his reaction saying in an ideal world, every media network and news organization should be united in holding the line.

Only SMNI, Net25, and GMA invited. In an ideal world, we should all be able to say, in solidarity, “No, sir. Everyone should be invited to a presidential presscon.” After all, governance is for all and not for a select few. #Unity”

Another journalist Barnaby Lo also shared his sentiment saying the press event is unacceptable. He also called the “controlled flow of information” as “undemocratic.”

“This is not acceptable. Controlled flow of information is undemocratic.”

Ash Presto, meanwhile, challenged GMA Network to stand its ground and prove that they are not in the league of fake news organizations Net25 and SMNI.

“The challenge is for GMA News to prove that they’re NOT like SMNI and Net 25.”

On the other hand, the National Union of Journalists in the Philippines (NUJP) asked the president-elect to commit to protecting the freedom of the press.

In a joint statement with other media stakeholders, NUJP asked the incoming government to protect media freedom in the country.

They also asked for the enactment of laws that will protect press freedom, the establishment of independent media councils, and the decriminalization of libel.

Meanwhile, Marcos Jr.’s spokesman and incoming Executive Secretary Atty, in his latest statement. Vic Rodriguez explained that they did not intend to exclude other media organizations from the press conference.

Rodriguez said that the press briefing resulted from a prior commitment to the three networks to have a one-on-one interview with Marcos Jr. if ever he wins the election. However, they’ve decided to make it a press conference instead of one-on-one interviews with the three networks.

“This was the commitment given by our media team during the campaign to these three networks. It doesn’t mean that we intend or we intended to exclude anyone.”

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