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Kristine Hermosa comes out as Ferdinand Marcos Jr. supporter following his apparent win

Kristine Hermosa surprised some netizens after coming out as Marcos Jr. supporter after the May 9 elections.

Kristine Hermosa surprised some netizens after coming out as Marcos Jr.’s supporter after the May 9 elections.

On Wednesday, May 11, Hermosa changed her profile picture to a red tile with Marcos Jr’s picture.

Marcos Jr supporters initiated the campaign following his apparent win based on the unofficial partial tally of the Commission on Elections, where he is leading by a huge margin.

Many didn’t anticipate Kristine’s move since she’s married to Oyo Boy Sotto, whose uncle Sen. Tito Sotto runs for Vice President together with Sen. Ping Lacson.

Many have thought that she would vote for the Lacson-Sotto tandem, which was endorsed by her father-in-law Vic Sotto.

“Di pala Lacson-Sotto si Kristine,” said one netizen.

Aside from Kristine, other netizens came out as Marcos Jr supporters when they already knew about his presumptive win.

These were individuals who were not vocal during the campaign period, with others even saying they were apolitical.

But when the results came in, they were the first to gloat about the victory of their chosen candidate.

Some thought that Kristine and the others’ move to come out belatedly was due to fear of netizens’ repercussions, given the campaign season’s heightened tension.

Meanwhile, as of writing, Kristine hasn’t issued any comment or statement regarding her profile picture change.

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