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Liza Soberano thinks there will be no more LizQuen; squashes breakup rumors with Enrique Gil

According to Soberano, Gil is taking his time, just waiting for the right project that will excite the young actor.

LizQuen fans are about to be sad as Liza Soberano revealed on Monday, June 20, that she and her boyfriend Enrique Gil might not be doing any more projects together.

“LizQuen? That I don’t know if Quen is still interested in acting anymore. That is his decision to make,” said the actress during her post-media launch interview as the newest Careless Music artist.

She is still open to doing a project with Gil but with her decision to take her talents internationally, and with loveteams not being a thing in Hollywood, it might not be possible.

“That is his decision to make. I would be happy to work on a project with him still but I’m focusing more on becoming independent with my career; I’m focusing on working on projects abroad. So obviously, loveteams aren’t a big thing in the Western movie and TV industry. So, I don’t know. I think I’m gonna be focusing more on independent projects.”

Meanwhile, Quen is taking a step away from the spotlight. 

According to Soberano, Gil is taking his time, just waiting for the right project that will excite the young actor.

Moreover, the actress said that being a businessman is what currently occupies her boyfriend as it gives him more time for his family. It can be recalled that Gil launched his real estate business called Gil Side Homes.

Just this year, he sold a property worth P32 million.

“But I feel like he would mainly like to focus on being a businessman at this point. Coz he has his own real estate business and that’s something that he really enjoys. Because he now has a lot of time to spend with his family. He’s always been a family man. I feel like he likes to control his own schedule.”

ABS-CBN, Star Cinema, and Star Creatives also pitched some offers to the couple. 

However, Soberano explained, “But it’s really a matter of whether that project is something that is right for the direction that we’re going towards, or if it’s is something that would excite us.”

Liza laughs at breakup rumors.

Soberano was also asked about the blind item making rounds online, with some people speculating that it was she and Gil who broke up.

“We’re super good. It’s super funny that people are creating all this tsismis,” responded the actress.

“I feel like that’s normal in Philippine entertainment culture. I guess because of the whole loveteam thing.”

Furthermore, having Reid as her manager is purely professional, unlike what others believe.

“Quen is completely aware of the whole thing. At first, we were attending these meetings together with James. He’s very supportive of everything that I want to do.”

She reiterated that her absence during Gil’s family vacation was due to her busy schedule, especially with her goal of penetrating the Hollywood scene.

“Just to clarify, no. It just so happened na at the same time, I had all these events that I had to do in the States. I went to Golden Gala, I went to Identity Fest, and so much more. His Tita from Spain was also about to get married, and I was supposed to be at that wedding. But like I also didn’t want to miss on these opportunities because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I’m not getting any younger,” explained the newly Careless Music artist.

Soberano also said that she wants to make sure that she is fully equipped to become an international star.

“So if I really want to make it out in Hollywood—coz I’m all about taking it slow and giving it the right way. So I just don’t want to rush into auditioning, and accepting projects just for the sake of doing something. I really want to develop my craft, take lessons, be comfortable, and being more independent.”

More than that, the actress has now realized that she does not need to always give what people demand from her.

“If we’re comfortable and confident in each other, that we’re loyal and everything, there’s no need to like prove that to anyone. So I don’t feel the need to.”

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