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Netizens blast Imee Marcos over a rude joke on Karen Davila

Imee’s antics didn’t sit well with the netizens as she gets the ire of the twitterverse.

Netizens didn’t find Sen. Imee Marcos’ joke on Karen Davila funny.

Marcos was a hot topic on social media following her viral interview with Karen Davila on ANC’s Headstart.

At the start of the interview on Wednesday, June 1, Marcos greeted Karen with a joke about her still being here in the country despite her brother’s win in the May 9 elections.

“It’s nice to see you’re still here in the Philippines. Akala ko magma-migrate ka ‘pag nanalo ang Marcos.”

In response, Karen just laughed it off and said “Hoping always for the best for the country.”

Imee’s antics didn’t sit well with the netizens as she gets the ire of the twitterverse.

In a tweet @ifyouseekkae slammed Imee for claiming that Karen said that she’ll be leaving the country once Marcos is elected.

“Karen Davila never claimed she’s leaving Ph. That’s very crass of Imee.”

@jedgulpo pointed out Imee’s unprofessionalism saying it only proved their penchant to gloat.

“Hindi ko gets bakit “sunog” si Karen? Imee just showed how unprofessional she is on an official interview??? And as much as I hoped Karen replied with a witty comeback, I am glad she didn’t because she’s not a trash interviewer. Proves that they want to win to gloat talaga noh?”

@csn_kupwe meanwhile said that Marcos’ action only showed they really wanted to discredit journalists so that no one would be there to hold them accountable.

“Sen. Imee is trending because LBM stans are saying she’s a girl boss for telling Karen it’s good she didn’t leave the country after Marcos Jr.’s win lols. The Marcoses would like that, wouldn’t they? For journalists to leave so no one would remain to hold them accountable?”

@iamjogarzola also highlighted Imee’s unprofessionalism and disrespect.

“They think Imee Marcos was savage during interview with Karen Davila, but i see it more as disrespectful and very unprofessional. That’s how low they can get.”

@btrzkji also scored Imee saying, “Oh wow. Imee Marcos told THE Karen Davila that she thought the latter’s gonna leave the country if Marcos Jr won? The audacity of this bitch to ask it to her just because her brother won.. They really just wanted him to win because of the power. Yun lang. ”

@jouquin_closet on the other hand countered Marcos trolls claim that Imee got Karen burned during the interview. The netizen said no one got burn, but obviously there’s one who was rude and crass.

“Isipin nio niwelcome ni karen sa show nia si imee tapos ang sagot nia “kala ko lumayas ka na” Walang nasunog. Nambastos meron”

Meanwhile, in a facebook post on the same day (June 1) Davila set the record straight after some Marcos trolls spread a spliced version of their exchange.

According to her, she didn’t get pissed off and she also shared that Marcos sent her an apology through text after the show.

“Let me set the record straight on this one. Sen Imee Marcos on #ANCHeadstart joked about me still being in the PH after her brother’s victory to which I replied…


Napikon po ba ako? Hindi po. Sen Imee Marcos also sent me an apology by text after the show. All good. Salamat!”

Karen also shared a cryptic tweet saying people should always resist the temptation of gloating every time we experience victory.

“In victory, resist the temptation to gloat. Graciousness is a class act.”

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