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Bianca Gonzalez, Toni Gonzaga, other celebs react to Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s first SONA

As expected several celebrities took to social media to share their take on the President’s first SONA after being elected as the country’s 17th President.

On Monday, July 25, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. delivered his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) at the Batasan Complex in Quezon City.

As expected several celebrities took to social media to share their take on the President’s first SONA after being elected as the country’s 17th President.

Kapamilya host and known Kakampink Bianca Gonzales made a positive review of Marcos Jr.’s SONA.

In a tweet, Gonzales said that it was a good speech and she hoped that the President will deliver all his promises for the country.

“That was a good SONA for PBBM. Here’s hoping this admin delivers on the promises, para sa Bayan.”

However, she clarified that her praises for Marcos’s speech don’t mean she’s abandoning the call for Marcoses’ accountability on ill-gotten wealth and human rights abuses.

Bianca explained that since PFMJr. is the country’s duly elected President–she felt that the speech was good and that his success would be the nation’s success, too.

“I may have voted for Leni Robredo and I still believe the Marcos family needs to be accountable for the stolen wealth and the ML human rights abuses, but BBM is our duly elected President and I felt his SONA was good. Kung successful ang admin, success din ng Bayan.”

She also clarified that she’s not abandoning her citizen’s role in the People’s Movement to hold the administration accountable for its future lapses.

“Like many others, when Ma’am Leni lost the elections, I wanted to “not care about politics anymore.” Pero hindi nagtagal yun dahil lahat tayo, may pakialam sa bansa. Mabuti nang mapagmatiyag sa administrasyon, para mabantayan ang mga pangako sa Bayan. Tuloy ang People’s Movement”

Host-vlogger and known Marcos Jr. supporter Toni Gonzaga also took to social media to share her take on the President’s 1st SONA.

In her Instagram story on Monday, Toni wished for the success of the Marcos Jr. administration.

“We look forward to your good governance PBBM! God Bless you and our country.”

Meanwhile, singer Bituin Escalante blasted Marcos Jr. for saying in his speech that the country’s curren statet is sound.

“What alternate universe does our President live in to claim that the nation’s state is sound? Aah yes… the world of the rich.”

G Tongi, on the other hand, scored the ostentatious display of designer gowns during the red carpet entrance.

She said SONA should be about addressing the issues–the people’s needs and should not be used like a fashion show.

“Please PH! It’s called delicadeza. Today is not about a fashion show ok? Today is about thinking critically about issues that have never been addressed that are owed to the Filipino people. A president of any nation has to serve the people and not their self interest. #sona2022

Marcos Jr.’s speech lasted for just over an hour. It is much shorter than his predecessor Rodrigo Duterte who averaged his SONA speech to two hours.

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