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Ruffa Gutierrez denies firing household helpers without pay

Gutierrez, on the other hand, vehemently denied the allegations.

Former beauty queen-actress-host Ruffa Gutierrez has denied allegations that she fired her 2 household helpers without paying their salaries.

On Friday, July 8, former COMELEC commissioner and now P3PWD Partylist Congresswoman Rowena Guanzon tweeted about a friend who rescued household helpers evicted by their employer without paying their salaries.

Without dropping names, she also asked the employer: “Where is your compassion?.”

“My friend has to rescue two household helpers, who were thrown out of a first-class village by their employers without paying their salaries. Where is your compassion?”

Meanwhile, in the following tweet several hours later, Guanzon directly asked Ruffa Gutierrez if the allegations are true that she fired the household helpers without pay.

“Ms Ruffa Gutierrez is it true ?”

Gutierrez, on the other hand, vehemently denied the allegations.

In a tweet reply to Guanzon, Gutierrez said it is not true that she kicked out the 2 maids.

She explained that she was at the set of her upcoming movie when an incident happened in their house. Since she wasn’t there, one of her staff had to call security to appease the situation between the 2 maids and her mayordoma.

“There was a situation at home while I was shooting on the set of ‘Maid In Malacañang’, so my staff had to call security to make sure my children were safe.

“The 2 new kasambahays who have been in our household for only around 2 weeks were fighting our 68-year-old senior mayordoma (who has been under my care for more than 18 years).”

She also added that the 2 are the ones demanding to leave the house, but she advised that they should go to her first before they got to leave.

“Nang-aaway po sila sa ibang mga kasamahan sa bahay ng wala po ako. They were demanding to leave the house, which I said they were able to do AFTER I returned home from work, so I could talk to them before they leave.”

Meanwhile, in another tweet on Saturday, Cong. Guanzon slammed Gutierrez for not addressing her as Congresswoman.

The feisty Guanzon dared Ruffa to call her cong or she will call her something else.

“That Ruffa Gutierrez must learn to say “Congresswoman”. Hahaha ! You call me cong or I will call u something else. Sige ka #Bardagulan”

Following Guanzon’s daring tweet, Gutierrez, meanwhile made a cryptic tweet saying she’s taking the high road together with a retweeted artcard from @livepositivity which says “I have no room for negative people in my life.

“Taking the high road (heart emojis)”.

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