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Heart Evangelista’s YouTube subscribers notice something different about her

Many netizens claimed that Evangelista was hiding her sadness behind her smiles while filming the vlog. 

In her vlog uploaded on Thursday, August 25, Heart Evangelista’s YouTube subscribers noticed something different about her.

Evangelista shared about the knowledge she gained during the recent Paris fashion week. She realized that she had a bad shopping habit which filled her walk-in closet. She also showed gifts from some fashion brands and a few basic items she took home.

“It’s just taking photos, enjoying life and if you do were to invest in something that it would be something that you would love forever,” Evangelista said.

Evangelista then said that she is seeking a “peaceful mind” as of now, which she considers a process. She also revealed that she indulged in journal writing about her future trips.

Many netizens claimed that Evangelista was hiding her sadness behind her smiles while filming the vlog.

Here are some comments from the netizens:

“Heart, I don’t wanna assume but this video is totally different from all your other videos. I simply pray and hope that everything is good and well. You’re our inspiration, we love watching what you do and always look forward on what’s next for you. Take good care of yourself darling,” a fan commented.

“I noticed her at the GMA gala, she seemed sad or tired but still extremely beautiful! I hope and pray she’s going to be ok, that’s just life, no one can be happy all the time, you just have to live it and go on,” a subscriber said.

“Been watching your quirky vlogs ever since and this is probably one of the “sad” feels that you have shown us. I hope you’re doing well. Fighting miss Heart!”

“She looks so happy but very empty on the inside. Praying for your happiness that you’re looking for.”

“When heart said for peaceful mind, well it’s a process. You are giving us a hint, hope and praying for your peaceful mind.”

“I definitely feel a connection to this. Someone can be surrounded by so many nice things but it’s truly peace and self love we have to seek, otherwise everything feels empty. I’ve gained a lot and I’ve lost some and I definitely have learned from all of it. Love to see that you’re sharing your wisdom.”

“I’ve watched all your vlog since 2019 and this is the first time I felt something different. I hope everything will be okay, soon. We love you forever Ms. Love Marie!”

Earlier, netizens started speculating that Evangelista and her husband Chiz Escudero have separated because the fashion icon changed her Instagram profile by removing her Escudero surname.

Despite the name change, Heart’s profile still has these descriptions, “Wife. Artist. CEO @pure_living . Author. Advocate.” 

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