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  • RAWR Mag: Xian Lim Continues to Make Hearts Skip A Beat

    Not too very often, a charming new face graces the small screen—dashing and unmistakably oozing with leading-man potential, whose brimming appeal and talent would later on bring him to some of the brightest places in show business, and ultimately last longer than his countless contemporaries. Xian Lim is such a face, who after more than […] More

  • DonBelle: The Love Team to Watch Out for in 2021

    Emerging as netizens’ top bet in the recently-concluded RAWR Pulse, DonBelle, seems poised to take its place alongside the country’s biggest love teams. Slated to star in one of the most anticipated movies of the year, ‘Love is Colorblind’—which will have the blockbuster director, Cathy Garcia-Molina, at the helm—Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, who are […] More

  • RAWR Mag: The Promising Versatility of Francine Diaz

    After just nearly six years in the business, Diaz has navigated her blossoming showbiz career at an astonishing pace, not too many of her contemporaries, could ever pull off. Francine Diaz is undoubtedly one of the most popular young actresses of her generation, one of the most talented television stars in the local entertainment scene, […] More

  • RAWR Mag: Success Rings for Next Top Kapamilya Leading Lady, Belle Mariano

    After years of playing younger versions of lead characters in many Kapamilya shows, Mariano graces the spotlight as she finally takes on leading roles, marking the beginning of her further ascent as a television and movie star. Already nearly a decade in the industry, Mariano has undoubtedly transitioned from merely a peripheral star to a […] More

  • Maja Salvador: A Queen with No Permanent Kingdom?

    One of the Most Accomplished Artists of Her Generation, Salvador takes her empire with her as she begins a new chapter in her stellar career, outside her previous home network, ABS-CBN.  On April 5, Maja Salvador returns to primetime television, marking the first-time local viewers are able to witness her do again what she does […] More

  • Vice Ganda: The Big and Small Moments that Define His Phenomenal Career!

    It’s easy to define Vice Ganda’s phenomenal success by his streak of box-office hits, alone. However, he has other moments too, albeit small, that make his journey towards who he is today– utterly inspiring. Becoming who is now isn’t an overnight undertaking for Jose Marie Viceral, or Vice Ganda. He had to go through immeasurable […] More

  • Kathryn Bernardo: The Reigning Movie Queen

    At 25, Kapamilya actress, Kathryn Bernardo is undoubtedly the reigning movie queen.  Having pulled-off a streak of incredible feats, including becoming the actress to lead the only two Filipino movies with more than PhP800 million in the box office, making her a titanic force of the local movie industry. None of the contemporaries can rival […] More

  • Donny Pangilinan: Is He the Next Top Kapamilya Leading Man?

    Set to star in some of his home Network’s most anticipated projects this year, Donny Pangilinan is undoubtedly poised to take the spotlight and become a premier leading man. Barely half a decade in the industry, there have been more stellar developments in Pangilinan’s career, than most of his contemporaries. His pace is no doubt […] More

  • Sanya Lopez: A Kapuso Primetime Queen-in-the-Making?

    Following years of playing supporting roles in both movies and television, the time has finally come for Kapuso actress, Sanya Lopez, to grace the spotlight, as she takes on her biggest role, to date. Stars are seemingly aligned for Lopez when GMA Network’s management handpicked her to play the title role in the upcoming primetime […] More

  • MNL48: From Pioneering P-Pop’s Re-emergence to Further Breakthrough

    The emergence of P-Pop as a modern OPM phenomenon may have been already happening before the current explosion, brought by the rise of a number of P-Pop acts. But local idol groups whose inspiration is massively taken from Korean and Japanese models, traces back to 2018, when MNL48, a sister group of the J-Pop group, […] More

  • Andrea Brillantes: A Diamond in the Rough No More

    A homegrown Kapamilya star, Andrea Brillantes is poised to take her place among ABS-CBN’s most prized stars, shining in her brightest since her Goin’ Bulilit debut. Ever since she started in the local entertainment scene, Brillantes has undoubtedly never lost her brilliance. She was a diamond in the rough, waiting to be polished by experiences […] More

  • Maine Mendoza: The Face of Superstardom that Never Fades

    Maine Mendoza’s meteoric ascent to superstardom may have taken place in a snap, but it has taken her extreme talent and dedication to stay relevant in show business. The other half of the phenomenal loveteam, AlDub, Mendoza has victoriously hurdled the challenges of time and rise of newer artists, as she kept her place among […] More

  • RAWR Mag: Jona Viray’s Difficult but Inspiring Path to Stardom

    Jona is one of the most popular Filipino vocalists right now—apart from being one of the most talented, she also has one of the most inspiring stories to tell about her rise to fame.  After her transfer to ABS-CBN in 2016, more opportunities came knocking on the Albay-native, but what’s important to note–she already had […] More

  • RAWR Mag: Joshua Garcia’s 10 Most Remarkable Performances

    The standout bridge scene in Love You to the Stars and Back, which singularly showcased Joshua Garcia’s impeccable acting chops, remaining today as his most remarkable single performance to most critics and fans. But the 23-year old Kapamilya actor has a number of other equally, if not more, memorable performances that are screaming testaments to […] More

  • Rise of A P-Pop Legend: New Idol Group ALAMAT makes a Cultural Explosion via Debut Single ‘kbye’

    While P-Pop fans’ attention is increasingly getting fixed on currently dominating acts—SB19, BGYO, PPop Generation, among others—a new promising group is poised to follow P-Pop’s charge into the global scene. Meet ALAMAT. Composed of nine members, hailing from distinctly different ethnic groups in the Philippines, ALAMAT aspires to set itself apart from similar groups currently […] More