RAWR Awards 2017

Now on its 3rd year, LionhearTV’s RAWR Awards will again give honors and recognition to the best and the brightest in Philippine Entertainment industry.

Winners of each award will come from the combined total votes of Fans/Readers (50%), Blogging community (25%) and Industry leaders (25%). Voting will run from September 25 to October 31, 2017.


  • You can vote up to two times per day per IP address per category, refresh time is after 12 hours.
  • Votes will be visible until October 25, 2017.
  • Votes coming from proxy servers are not counted.
  • There is no such thing as unlimited voting on our poll.

Vote for your favorite celebrities and or artists on the following links:

Cub Categories

Bibo Award – The chosen child star we admire ever dearly. Their innocence is like a breath of fresh air, one can immediately commend their dedication at work despite their young age. All of them have touched our heartstrings, but there can only be one. Vote here!

Ultimate Bida – The favorite Bida of a teleseye. The one that can all leave us in awe with his/her superb acting. We are now in the era were protagonists are no longer easy to abuse. They fight back and really earn the sympathy of the audience. Vote here!

Ultimate Kontrabida – The most hated but most effective character on TV/Movie. We hated them because of their guts and they are great in taking the spotlight from the lead. With many bankable artists turn into the villain they are now, one can only be hailed as the Ultimate Kontrabida. Vote here!

Beshie ng Taon – The best sidekick. They are often overlooked and taken for granted, but we are here to give them the recognition they truly deserve. They give the lead a special support system, and with that, they are worthy to be recognized. Vote here!

The Great Comeback – The greatest comeback of the year. We surely can think of that celebrity whom you truly miss and you have been waiting to return in a smashing way. You asked for it, here he/she is, proving he/she can come back to the limelight in flying colors. Vote here!

Favorite Movie ng Taon – The Favorite Movie of 2017 or also known as the year of film emergence. From amazing film festivals to numerous blockbuster movies this year, one can only stand out. This is a tough one, they all deserve an award. Vote here!

Bet na Bet na Teleserye – The Favorite teleserye. Each year, the quality of our TV Dramas elevates. We can all agree on that. As the plots get deeper, and the artists become better, what show shined the brightest? Vote here!

Hugot Song Of The Year – The song that defined our pain. The song that made us feel the worst pain in which all people can relate to. Yes, a song that became the hymn of the brokenhearted. That piece that told every 3AM thoughts we had. Vote here!

Pak na Pak na Comedian – The chosen comedian of 2017. Artists make us cry, some make us angry, but one must have the talent and charm to make us laugh. It is the hardest role. And he/she is successful in making us laugh. Now is the time to return the favor. Vote here!

Lion Categories

Loveteam of the Year – Tandem that is most-loved by our dear LionhearTV Cubs, a loveteam that has captivated the hearts of many. Not only do they make us believe in love, but they also set a good example for the younger generation—someone that we can all look up to on or off the cameras. Vote here!

Actor of the Year – Outstanding male artist that shined among the rest, showing versatility and power to his craft—setting the standard for all Filipino men. He successfully fulfilled the role of a true gentleman, the artist who people especially men look up to. Vote here!

Actress of the Year – Exceptional female artist who breaks through the norms. A woman of substance and talent, empowering all the ladies out there. The artist who stood tall against the double standards of Filipino movies proving that women can take big roles too. Vote here!

Favorite Performer – The artist who nailed both singing and the dance floor. A true performer that has proven he/she can be big on stage, outdoing the strong competition he/she faced. The Favorite Performer award also signifies versatility of an artist. Vote here!

Favorite TV host – The face of the shows we enjoy to watch. Some might say that this is the easiest job in the industry, but one cannot make the viewers crave for more without the talent in hosting such show. With his/her charm and commendable skills, this host truly outshined his/her among the rest. Vote here!

Favorite Radio DJ – The person behind the favorite voice we hear on radio. We cannot see him/her while he/she does his thing, but the voice is enough to make a statement. With that being said, who among our notable Radio DJs were chosen by our LionhearTV Cubs? Vote here!

Favorite News Personality – Chosen news personality who has done a great job in journalism. He/she emerges amidst the issues being thrown at them. The one whom our LionhearTV Cubs have seen the dedication and determination to his/her craft. Vote here!

Digital Influencer – The most sought-after online influencer of today. With the rise of digital content creators, the competition immediately became tighter. But there’s only who emerged and gained the trust of the netizens. He/she plays a big role in the scope of social media responsibility in the country. Vote here!

Favorite Newcomer – The breakthrough artist of the year. He/she might be a rookie in the industry, but his/her humble beginnings embark a bright future ahead. Who knows, you might see him/her owning a blinding spotlight soon. Vote here!

Favorite Group – The best group we have today. We see people shine alone, but it is surely a joy to watch a group entertaining all of us. They are bringing back the market of boy bands and girl groups in the country. Vote here!

Pride Categories

Fan Club of the Year – The best fan club. Fans are the most precious people celebrities have in their life, that’s a fact. They devote time and effort for their idols, but only the responsible ones last. The one that does not jeopardize the careers of their idol. Now, it’s time to recognize them. Vote here!

Best TV Station – The TV Station of the year. The way to success is steep, and all of our stations are really trying their best to come out on top. Which TV station do our LionhearTV Cubs prefer? Vote here!

Magnanimous Lion Award – Not only do they excel on TV or Movies, but this award goes to the most versatile artist. The artist who was able to conquer all platforms of entertainment. TV, Music, Movie, Charity, to name a few. The artist who truly deserves a special recognition. Vote here!

The announcement of winners for this year’s RAWR Awards 2017 will be held at The Chaos Manila, City of Dreams on November 18, 2017.