RAWR Pulse: Who are going to win as President, as vice President, and as Senators in the 2022 national polls?

With only just one week before the May 9, 2022 election, candidates and supporters alike, are racing against time to gather as much support as possible, before Filipinos finally cast their votes.

Nearly three months into this raucous campaign season, and just merely days before the highly-anticipated and dreaded election, no one can say, with full confidence and finality, who among the aspiring servant leaders are going to clinch the positions being gunned for in the 2022 national polls.

At this point of the race, the huge disparity in rally crowd sizes and opinion poll numbers have already confused voters whether or not their bets are inching closer to securing their win. Other indicators including Google trends and social media engagement also present differing suggestions, which make the guessing game an even more daunting task.

After completing a successful run last year, and a remarkable return last month, RAWR Pulse—RAWR Nation’s reliable pop meter on who and what is in —is back to providing Filipinos a platform to decide who among the emerging stars will have their long-awaited break through in showbiz. This month, however, LionhearTV shifts its lens on the forthcoming national election, which will see the whole country decide for the future of the country.

Who among the senatoriables, vice-presidentiables, and presidentiables are going to get RAWR Nation’s votes in the 2022 national polls? That is the question that this edition of RAWR Pulse will try to answer. Since the public’s opinion plays a crucial role in gauging a candidate’s popularity, and since popularity also suggests the candidate’s chance of attracting more voters, the new RAWR Pulse poll will try to figure out who among these political aspirants will eventually score the people’s votes come May 9 election. Decide now who among these senatoriables, vice-presidentiables, and presidentiables are going to get your vote.

Take note that voting for RAWR Pulse will come from two parts: 50% from the website votes and 50% from eMVP search engine results. Every click, every search, every activity leading to LionhearTV, Dailypedia, and PH Entertainment with the keyword from any of the nominees will be counted as one vote.

The voting app’s refresh time is every after six (6) hours, so you can vote four (4) times a day.

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