Piolo Pascual takes caution when drunk

It was September 7, 2015 when KC Concepcion posted her photo with Piolo Pascual on Twitter when one of her followers asked her if they were able to talk and reconcile with Piolo.

kc and piolo

In a news article published by Philstar last September 16, 2015 Wednesday; Piolo shares his opinion regarding on being a private person and the reason why he does not want any of his friends to take videos of him when drunk.

Piolo reiterated that his photo with KC was in an after-party of “ASAP” inside a boat rented by Sir Gabby Lopez in River Thames. In terms of getting drunk, Piolo stated that “You have to be responsible, at the end of the day, you have to know your limitations. You can be happy, you can be intoxicated just as long as you’re not out of your wits and you’re responsible enough to face the media and the social media can just record anything and everything you do”.

With CCTV, camera and mobile phones everything can be videoed. He is very careful on his actions and he seems very matured since he is not only taking cautious because of being an actor but also a good father image to a newbie actor; Inigo Pascual.


Piolo’s stand on getting drunk and letting the people and media knew everything, he has also an advice to Enrique Gil who became very viral online on what happened during the plane.


“I was not there, I don’t know what really happened but if ever there’s a chance I would of course advise him to be more responsible.”

Given the fact that they are artists and surrounded by the media, he reminds the public that artists are also human not saints not to chill-out and drink but at the same time, you should never forget your responsibility to keep your public figure off-ground.

Piolo has been in Showbiz Industry for almost 11 years and for the record he has 0% of video scandals every time he drinks and getting drunk. There are only few issues that involved Piolo, it’s either he has a new love interest or he has an upcoming show and achievement. Even he goes out with friends, he makes sure that there are no videos involved, he first appeared on “That’s Entertainment”, “Mara Clara” and “Gimik”; his first love team was Mrs. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo.


Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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