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Watch: Billy and Colleen’s love for each other shows in ‘Magpasikat’ performance

(c) ABS-CBN Entertainment video

Real life sweethearts Billy Joe Crawford and Coleen Garcia are both known for their dancing skills. But today on It’s Showtime, they just upped the ante by performing a difficult dance routine on top of a trampoline in the Magpasikat segment.

(c) ABS-CBN Entertainment video

The couple’s production number started with Billy Crawford sleeping on a bed, while the song “Sweet Dreams” was playing on the background. He wakes up and starts to dance, as Coleen comes out from under the bed.

The pair begins to dance together on what is obviously a trampoline draped in black. They perform a dance that takes real effort to do on a normal dance floor, more so on a trampoline.

As one of the judges, Tirso Cruz III remarked later, it is very hard to maintain one’s balance on a trampoline. And yet, Billy Joe and Coleen challenged themselves with their almost acrobatic performance.

Then as if that wasn’t enough, the BiCol love team, got on a polygon-shaped bar which rotated with the two of them on board. Then a montage is shown, with an essay about love. Coleen’s recorded voice-over says at the end of the video ” No matter how hard, how painful it may be, love is truly worth fighting for.”

The couple change to an all-white ensemble and spread out different colors of powder and paint on the floor. Their pre-recorded voices read out a poem, almost a litany about…you guessed it, LOVE!

The last lines of the poem, are beautifully written and has an all-encompassing message about love. It goes like this:
The world’s still messy as it’s been
But we’ve found our piece of heaven
And love will continue to win
For He has taught us how to love
We are one in His victory
Whatever shape or size or story
Love will always set us free.

As the last lines were spoken, Billy and Coleen lied down on the canvas floor full of colors and paint, faced each other, held hands and ended with that sweet pose. The unpainted part of the canvas revealed shapes of a heart and angel wings for Coleen and Billy.

That was quite unique and touching at the same time.

The judges were one in saying that it was the love between the couple that showed through the whole production number. Tirso Cruz said, “It’s the love that brought the whole story together.”

Amy Perez got personal by asking Billy pointedly if the relationship with Coleen would go much furher from this point on. Billy replied,” I want to end up with this beautiful, charismatic girl, for the rest of my life.”

All of the judges noted that all the team contestants who performed for Magpasikat are giving them a hard time to decide as to who the winner will be.

Magpasikat 2015 started Oct. 19 and the announcement of the winner will be done tomorrow. Who among the performers in Magpasikat will emerge victorious? Let’s find out tomorrow!


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