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Battle of Christmas Station IDs | #ThankYouForTheLove versus #MaGMAhalanTayo: Who did it better?

#ThankYouForTheLove is no doubt over #MaGMAhalanTayo, in all good aspects here. Production-wise, there is no question ABS-CBN’s efforts are way up north of GMA Network’s.

Christmas Station IDs 2015

While the Kapamilya Station I.D., has chosen diverse and exquisite locations for their shoot, GMA Network has opted to shoot theirs in either their studios or Manila streets.

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Both songs are catchy, but ABS-CBN’s has a more sentimental and heartfelt message, I would say. #MaGMAhalan tayo lacks an effective narrative to effectively speak for its sentiment, and has less impressive shots to enforce them, #ThankYouForTheLove tells a palpable and affecting  story, with its testimonial montages, and sweeping visuals.

ABS-CBN has given the appropriate exposures for its biggest stars, GMA Network places its biggest discovery this year—the phenomenal love team, AlDub—into the spotlight.

On our official Twiter account, with 65% of total 2,226 votes in 24 hrs, #ThankYouForTheLove emerged as the more exciting CSID compared to #MaGMAhalanTayo.


And on our official Facebook page, #ThankYouForTheLove got more than 7,000+ likes while #MaGMAhalanTayo only received less than 2,000 likes in 5 hours.


In the end, it is important to acknowledge both works’ intent: “Thank You For the Love” speaks for the genuine love of every Filipino that is worth a never ending gratitude, “MaGMAhalan Tayo Ngayong Pasko,” urges Filipinos to love one another, especially this Christmas.

These messages both strike a chord, and that’s, I think, what matters most. (JE)


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