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TV REVIEW: ABS-CBN’s CSID “Thank You for the Love” speaks for the Genuine Love of Filipinos that is Worth of A Never Ending Gratitude

In the Philippines, countdowns to the holidays begin as early as the first day of September. Christmas songs also start dominating radio airwaves and kids are bound to the streets to roundup houses and public vehicles to do carolings. While that is true, the yuletide vibe almost only gets really strong when TV networks release their station I.D.’s.


For the past twelve years, ABS-CBN has been, undoubtedly, at the forefront of developing heartwarming and inspirational station ID’s, and has now seemingly perfected crafting the best of them, releasing Christmas jingles that are often generic and repetitive but are always catchy and tugging at the heartstrings, every year.

WATCH: ABS-CBN 2015 Christmas Station ID – “Thank You For The Love”

ABS-CBN’s theme doesn’t stray away from that core, but it is arguably more resourceful and thus, more effective, delivering its message of love and gratitude.

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ABS-CBN’s #ThankYouForTheLove: Through the years, the Kapamilya Station I.D. has never forgotten to highlight the Filipino spirit and its capacity to withstand even the most difficult situations. This year’s theme is no different, but it places its gratitude to the Filipinos’ never-ceasing love and generosity, into the spotlight. The message is really strong in the lyrics, but is further magnified by montages of the station’s biggest stars as they give back to the country’s sources of pride.

“Kailanman di sumusuko” says Ted Failon, “Hindi natin iniiwan ang isa’t-isa dahil pinagbubuklod tayo ng pagmamahal” Kabayan testifies.

These are testimonial messages strongly supported by the display of the Filipinos’ perseverance and hard-work, a display ABS-CBN is evidently committed paying tribute to, when it sends it stars to give back.

#ThankYouForTheLove is ABS-CBN’s gesture of gratitude for those who keep the integrity of the country in tact, those who defend the country with their lives, those who bring pride to the nation, and those who mold the children of our country into the citizens we aspire to lead the Philippines, in the coming years.

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The station ID doesn’t fail to pay utmost regard to the masses, and to everyone—no matter what their status is—taking part in making the Filipino race, proud. (JE)


WATCH: ABS-CBN 2015 Christmas Station ID – “Thank You For The Love”

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