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Mocha Girls stake their careers for Rodrigo Duterte’s presidential bid

The all-female group Mocha Girls have thrown their support behind the candidacy of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, even if his victory might spell doom for their careers as sexy performers.

In their Facebook post on November 27, the group said that if it is true that Duterte will close down bars and will prohibit sexy performances, they are willing to stop their sexy shows as a show of support for his Presidency. The Mocha Girls ended their post with this statement: “We will sacrifice our career for our country to have a GENUINE CHANGE. Bayan muna bago ang sarili.” (Country before self.)

Mocha Girls for Duterte
Some of their followers, who implied that they were from Davao, said that whoever told them that Duterte closes down bars is lying. They said that Davao has existing bars and allow sexy shows but there is a 2 AM curfew in such establishments to prevent disorderly behavior from drunkenness and other causes. They said that
Duterte is very much against drugs and rape.

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Prior to their post about sacrificing their careers for genuine change, the Mocha Girls have shared photos of them giving away a DUTERTE 2016 jersey to show their support for his presidential bid.

They stated that they are not paid for the endorsement nor are they hired by any party. They said that their jersey giveaways is their simple way of showing their support for Duterte.

Mocha Girls for Duterte 2The song and dance group of Mocha Girls is known mainly for their adult-themed shows. They have released 4 albums so far like in 2006 “A Taste of Mocha” (XAX Records), 2007  “Mocha” (Viva Records), 2008 “Deliciosa” (Viva Records), 2012: “Pinay Ako” / 18+ Restricted (Bellhaus Records), two of which were hailed as Best Dance Album by PMPC Star Awards for Music.

Aside from Mocha Uson, other members of the group are Mae Dela Cerna, Franz Fainsan, Seika Hashizume, Georgina Knight and Pepper Guitierrez. They have performed in different parts of the Philippines and have done shows in the United States, Canada, UAE, United Kingdom and Japan.


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