LOOK: Daniel Padilla shows his thoughtfulness to his fan

A netizen on Facebook shows how thoughtful Daniel Padilla is. On January 15, the Facebook user named Arvy Chan uploaded his photo with the “Teen King” and it goes viral after several hours.

Daniel Padilla

The caption of the photo caught the attention of many people.

In conclusion, the Barcelona actor receives great admiration from fans. Based on the caption, Arvy is Daniel’s double. He asked Daniel for a picture which the “Teen King” agreed, yet he advised Arvy to wait for him outside the tent as he would change his clothes first. Daniel was immediately mobbed by fans waiting outside as he exits the tent. Arvy, feeling hopeless, went back to his designated tent instead.

Daniel Padilla Papicture

Suddenly, Daniel approached the staff to look for his double, Arvy, so they could take a picture together.

Netizens commend Daniel’s thoughtfulness towards the fan. The actor did not hesitate to give Arvy a chance to interact with him despite his busy schedule.

Based on Arvy’s hashtag, KathNiel is “cooking” another movie this year. KathNiel is well-known for being humble and thoughtful to their fans; so, it is not surprising that the super love team is blessed with lots of projects.


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