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12 Scene-Stealer National Costumes at the #65thMissUniverse

Myanmar. Others found it creepy, but actually it has successfully put together a real display of artistry via her national costume. She managed to put together the puppetry in her mini-show. None of the candidates could match such efforts since she had with her a mini-stage attached to her back. She even deserves to be named Best in National Costume.


Germany. Despite dressed in all white, her dress lights up and her headpiece, a castle inspired from a popular children’s and household tales published in the 1800s by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm brothers. She made the iconic tale into one unforgettable national costume in the Miss Universe history.

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British Virgin Islands. Apart from her being a look-alike Jada Pinkett Smith, she made quite an entrance with her revealing national costume. The sun-sea-and-sun ensemble will always be memorable because her delicate part is just the one distinctly covered in a tight-hugging, sexy gown.

British Virgin Islands

Dominican Republic. That artistic depiction in the said national costume is inspired from an artist’s work where the candidate originated. The attire is an enchanting experience as if one’s gaze is fixed on a painting.

Dominican Republic

Sweden. Inspired from the main character of Swedish’s eponymous series of children’s books—Pippi Longstocking. The character she portrayed is comparable to Peter Pan who doesn’t want to grow up. Thus, her playful presence onstage caught the audience’s attention. Nothing to worry, the candidate didn’t bring any live animal. Any animal-advocate organization need not go after the candidate.


Haiti. Yes, if foreigners are looking for pearls—they need not look far away and be not deceived by the overhyped and overpriced headdress of Miss Philippines. The festive white national costume reflects the natural beauty and resources of Haiti—the pearls. The pearl-laded costume is totally impressive.


Hungary. The flaming read costume which she wore is done in embroidery and is made spicy because of red peppers that bedecked on the candidates back. Keywords: Spicy Embroidery.


Malaysia. She glitters in silver with her Petronas Tower-inspired national costume. She looks like a miniature walking landmark of her country.


Mauritius. Created by a Filipino designer, her national costume depicts a volcanic explosion that is responsible for the formation of her native country. The red hot color of lava provides drama to her costume, but the delegate failed to project it well onstage.


Sierra Leone. Her national costume that is inspired from a traditional dance costume is exotically sexy. It reminds Filipinos of how colorful African culture can be as it is comparable to the mardi gras in New Orleans or in the Queen City of the South—Cebu. Sierra Leone’s headpiece is striking in its form because it reminds us of garlic.

Sierra leone

Switzerland. She is another scene-stealer because of her too sexy national costume. Some photographers suspect that a pubic hair peeped out of her bikini-line leotards.


USA. She was dressed in a superhero costume. Though her glider-like wings failed to function, she was still composed and collected in presenting her national costume.



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