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15 lessons we should learn from “My Ex and Whys”

Are you thinking of watching “My Ex and Whys” soon, yet you feeling like the film is not worth your money? Well, I think the film would not gross more than 100 million pesos in a span of 3 days if it was not as good as what you think, right? If you’re thinking it’s another common Filipino romantic film, well, I advise you to read this blog as I will tell you the lessons you might learn from this Cathy Garcia-Molina film.

1. Not all our friends can be trusted.


Do you have a friend who gives advice to you like they know the whole situation, yet they would act as if they are not your friends when you have failed in your decision? This film will give an insight on how a friend might affect your feelings as a brokenhearted person.

2. You might ruin someone else’s life if you would let vengeance penetrate you.


Are you so “OA” to the point that you would do anything just to get your revenge? Be careful! Feeding your ego might ruin someone else’s life.

3. There are people who would choose to stay in your life, even if you treat them so badly.


If your ex wants to win you back despite you’re being a bitch to him, hey, I think you should think twice!

4. Girls are naturally vulnerable.


And when they got hurt, expect a loooong process before they can move on. This film will reveal why they used to generalize that all men are cheaters. They can’t avoid to generalize it because of certain events that happened to their lives.

5. Just because you got hurt, doesn’t mean you are entitled to hurt others.


Why do you have to hurt others? Is it one of the requirements to move on from your broken past?

6. Not all men cheat.


Some so-called “feminists” out there who would say that all men cheat, and they would call it women empowerment. No, don’t listen to them. This film will show you how a man can cheat on you intentionally and unintentionally.

7. The saying “once a cheater, always a cheater” is so 2008.


This film will give you ideas of how temptations work and how some men fight it to avoid a regrettable action in the end.

8. Apologizing has limits.


Especially, if you tend to make them feel they are worthless even if they are really sorry for what they have done. You might be surprised, one day you wake up without the presence of them. All things have boundaries.

9. There are some people around you who would only stick in your life because of your success.


They love to put hindrance on your success, yet they are the ones who would celebrate with once you proved then wrong. Bitches.

10. Things could become more complicated if you would follow somebody’s opinions.


Follow your heart, sweetheart!

11. Haters gonna hate, especially if they feel they’re “in.”


In short, they are just a bunch of bandwagoners. Do not let them affect your life! This film will show how a basher can turn into a fan in just a blink. You just have to get sympathy of the majority and voila!

12. Your family will never leave you.


This film will show you how a mother and a father give their advice. They might be serious or funny, but in the end, they want you to learn from their advice.

13. Trust and love should be present in a relationship.


It’s hard to stick in a relationship if there is no trust existing in it. If you’re always skeptical about your partner and you think he’s a cheater and you’re innocent, think again. Maybe you’re being hypocritical.

14. It’s not foolish to give someone another chance and fix your once failed relationship.


Do you think they’re a better person now? Do you think they deserved a second chance but you still dump them because you’re too afraid to trust again? You might not answer the questions of “what if.” What if you two have a happy ending? What if you’re really destined to each other? These questions will never get answered if you would not open your heart again.

15. Do not afraid to love again.


And if you got hurt, at least you experienced love. Do not afraid to love though it may hurt sometimes. Because love is life. If you will miss it, you will certainly miss life itself.

My review

I would give the film 4 out of 5 stars. There were still some scenes that were too typical for a love story.

First was the confrontation scene. I think that’s a part of Filipino romantic films. You know what I’m saying? The girl would speak five paragraphs of her well-prepared dialog while the boy would just listen and cry until the scene ends. If that was a real-life situation, I’m sure they would fight and hurt each other physically.


Secondly, the “habulan at the airport” scene was still there, although it almost happened at the airport.

Then, the dialog at the ending were so cheesy. Take note, they’re exchanging dialog in the middle of traffic. If this was in real-life, drivers would literally curse at them!

Plus, Liza’s wig had been bothering me while watching the film. I think, it’s a signature of director Cathy in her movies. But at least, the wigs leveled up.


Nevertheless, the film is excellent in many ways. it is perfect for people who want to experience “kilig.” I like the comedic scenes of Karen Reyes and Jeffrey Tam. Also, Joross Gamboa and Ryan Bang proved that they are natural comedians. They are the spices of the film. Without them, “My Ex and Whys” would be another typical, boring Filipino romantic film.

Actress Ara Mina for me was also like Liza’s older sister. She didn’t deserve to be a mother because of her youthfulness. And speaking of youthfulness, there was a special appearance of a youthful star in this film.

Of course, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil have not failed to make us “kilig” with their natural acting skills. The chemistry was so perfect, you might think the person beside you is epileptic because they will keep on swooning and wiggling while watching LizQuen’s scenes.


I’m not a fan of OPM songs, but the songs in this film really fit every scenes—“Dahil Sa’Yo,” “Pag-ibig” at “You.” Now I have these songs on my playlist. Hurray!

This film was also specifically crafted for millennials who embraced the system of social media. The film will show the power of social media—how it works and how it can change people’s lives.


Furthermore, this film marks the end of one of the most-used scenes in a typical Filipino love stories. The girl and the boy will fall together to an extent that they almost kissed each other. As they fall together, the background love song would play and things would turn into slow motion. Hello? That’s boring and cheesy! The magic of director Cathy will leave you in awe as she turned this scene into the most unforgettably romantic one.


“My Ex and Whys”will surely capture your heart, you will end up watching it many times. Why am I saying this? Because I did!


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