The Sparklight: Angel Locsin and her reign as the Empress of Philippine TV and Movie

  • Primetime Action-Drama Queen Angel Locsin made her name shine divinely.
  • The 32-year old actress became an icon of Philippine TV and movie industry with her remarkable characters.

If Hollywood has Angelina Jolie, Philippine showbiz has Angel Locsin!

Since her phenomenal portrayal on one of the most successful fantaseryes in Philippine TV “Mulawin,” Kapamilya award-winning actress Angel Locsin made her star shine with the divine among other constellations in the broad galaxy of fame, prestige, survival and success.

The 32-year old actress is a woman of grace and the resurrected royalty of substance and empowered essence of femininity. She delicately justified that woman’s beauty is more than the attraction and fascination but it is the strength behind those tacky social construct.

As an actress, Angel unraveled the tangled and predictable acting into the same current of realities and fantasies that made her performance soused in perfection. She fearlessly explored the beauty of walking the character’s persona with the goal of knitting it to her own skin and strand as an artist.

Indeed, she is one of the few actresses that could penetrate your deepest and tiniest chords to strum your tears and emotions onto one beautiful beat of appreciation, sensitivity and empathetic clock.

Throughout the years, the Primetime Action-Drama Queen proved that woman should not be pent-out into the callous perception of society’s deep-seated false tale. With her characters, she boldly owned the cases of ‘femme fatales’ as the new breed of leading ladies. She played the role of “Darna” differently in rough and suave tilted gracefully as a representation of fragile reborn of protagonistic approach.

Angel brought our imagination to the canopy of limitless execution of wildest and tamest formula of fantasy shows. In “Majica,” she made everyone believed to the parallel truth about the fiction of life with her empowering character as Sabina. She undeniably effectuated the flawless traits of a woman regardless of the outcasted purpose of story’s uphill. Nonetheless, she opened the unexpressive range of generic protagonistic persona into an authentic intention of craft and its catharsis.

Recently, her character on the hit Kapamilya series “La Luna Sangre” left an impeccable legacy to its viewers’ approval and appreciation. She effortlessly jived the complexity of the current formula of romance, action and drama.

Furthermore, her solid and firm dedicated piece was mixed with the passionate energy that made her an actress holding the exhausted pair of trophy and plaque. Certainly, Angel reigns with her dignified acting and unjustifiable charismatic appeal to Filipino viewers.

Indeed, Angel is not just an actress but she is a woman of character that swayed the viewers with her various roles in Philippine movies and television industry. She exudes the sovereign power of a true empress of beauty and grace with her nonpareil traits of an imperial queen.



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