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10 Funniest Tweets on Liza Soberano’s “looooove” for sinigang

  • Netizens had mixed reactions on Liza Soberano’s “looooove” for sinigang.
  • However, netizens found a common ground on creating memes online. 

Bagani recently went under fire for casting actors and actresses with Euro-centric features. Liza Soberano, then, defended herself and Enrique Gil on said issue, mentioning her “looooove” for sinigang.

So naturally, netizens made memes out of it.

Before we launch into the ten funniest reactions on Liza’s “looooove” for sinigang, let us first learn why she needed to say it:

A netizen on Twitter compared Bagani with the acclaimed Marvel film, Black Panther, on paying homage to their cultures. In the said tweet, Miguel Poblador slammed the heavy tanning make-up on lead stars. Another netizen, Paolo J. Cruz, also took a screenshot and re-posted it on his own account.

Movies like #BlackPanther pay homage to African culture by innovating without sacrificing authenticity..
While shows like #Bagani slather half-white asians in bronzer to pass them off as precolonial filipinos because kayumangi doesn’t sell.”

Another netizen, @deeCrz, replied to Paolo’s tweet, then, claimed that Liza and Enrique are not Filipinos.

“Not against Enrique and Liza pero kasi… gets. Hahaha di naman sila pinoy.”

Liza later responded to the said netizen with:

“And who says were not pinoy? My Father is full filipino. I was raised by two filipinos since the age of 4. I looooove sinigang i think thats as pinoy as pinoy can get.”

Now, that’s finished.

Here are ten funniest tweets on Liza’s “looooove” for sinigang:

As we all know, tweets like this has always been around. A netizen had used the chain-mail kind of post. The tweet also asked the viewer or reader to retweet for the luck and ignore for bad luck.

IGNORE FOR 10 YEARS OF BAD LUCK, no sinigang and not filipino anymore?????”

Some netizens gave an input for their “looooove” for sinigang. This tweet from Regis Andanar will also make us say, “same.”

“Me pag di ako tiniran ng sinigang sa bahay”

Other netizens professed their “looooove” for sinigang. They posted photos of the delicious dish.


Some netizens, however, decided to add the “looooove” for sinigang as a prerequisite for being a President of the Philippines.

“It’s as pinoy as pinoy can get
It’s true, it’s in the 1987 Constitution.”

Other netizen gave scenarios where Liza would respond to a professor’s question.

“Prof:Give a scenario where a person is considered a Filipino Citizen under the 1987 Constitution.
Liza: My Father is full filipino. I was raised by two filipinos since the age of 4. I looooove sinigang i think thats as pinoy as pinoy can get.

A netizen also merged Liza’s “looooove” for sinigang and her other endorsement from Goldilocks.

“Liza and her looooove for sinigang”

However, a netizen quickly thought of another money-making commodity for Liza and her “looooove” for sinigang. This netizen may have also made an endorsement for Knorr which involves Liza’s “looooove” for sinigang.

“next thing you know, liza soberano’s in a knorr sinigang mix ad talking about how filipino she is for looooooving sinigang”

“I looooove sinigang i think thats as pinoy as pinoy can get…. kakaya for me? knorr sinigang mix lang”

A netizen wrote that maybe, just maybe, Liza loves LANY’s song, ILYSB, for a different reason.

“favorite ni liza soberano ilysb bc it stands for i love you sinigang na baboy”

Another netizen added to it and attached a photo of Liza enjoying her sinigang.

“hindi ba i love you sinigang na bangus??? charot”

A netizen noticed the always-hungry mechanism of others.

“Basher: “hindi sila Pinoy”
Liza: “my dad’s full Pinoy. I was raised by 2 Filipinos and I love Sinigang”

And probably the best one of all:

A netizen using the account of @puresinigang also made a nod to Taylor Swift’s iconic “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.”

What can we say? We “looooove” Liza and we also “looooove” sinigang.


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