“Keep your mouth shut na lang.” Matteo Guidicelli responds favoritism claims

One netizen thinks that Lakam will die soon in Bagani. Matteo Guidicelli responded to the netizen. Another netizen remarked that Matteo doesn’t deserve the level he currently has.  Matteo Guidicelli recently responded to a netizen predicting what may or may not happen in Bagani. The netizen thinks that Liza Soberano’s Ganda will give her Bagani powers to Charlie Dizon’s Marikit. They also imagine that Matteo’s Lakam may die soon. The said netizen also wrote that Maricar Reyes’ Makiling remains loyal to Ganda. “I don’t doubt that girl will …

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Zaijan Jaranilla replaces Sofia Andres in “Bagani”

After the death of Sofia Andres’ Mayari, Zaijan Jaranilla’s Liksi have been rumored to replace her. In a recent episode, Liksi dreamt of transforming into Mayari.  While training with Lakas, he transformed into a Bagani with a new shield. In a recent episode of Bagani, Zaijan Jaranilla’s character Liksi trained with Enrique Gil’s Lakas. Although wounded, Liksi drew energy and strength from his family. Liksi, then, transformed into his best self as a real Bagani, replacing Sofia Andres’ Mayari. Liksi also holds Mayari’s clam shell shield, …

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Morisette Amon apologizes to make-up artist; addresses rumors on mocking Sarah Geronimo’s breakdown

Morisette Amon recently apologized to a make-up artist, Wenwen Zaspa. She also recently addressed rumors about laughing at Sarah Geronimo’s break-down in Las Vegas concert. The Popstar Royalty will remain one of her idols in the industry. Make-up artist Wenwen Zaspa recently went on one of his customers’ wedding. In the wedding reception, Jona Viray, Giselle Sanchez and Morisette Amon were the guest performers. The make-up artist had a Facebook Live as Jona and Giselle performed. The singer-slash-performer addressed rumors regarding her mocking Sarah Geronimo’s …

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