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10 Unexpected Movie Couples this 2018


  • Love teams have been a staple in Philippine cinema.
  • Once in a while, we get some unlikely pairings that we unexpectedly fall in love with.

Love teams are very prominent in the Philippines, from television to movies. Every year, we get at least one movie per love team with a huge fandom, from KathNiel, Jadine and LizQuen. But last year, we fell in love with some of the most unexpected love teams that starred on the big screen. From the likes of JC Santos and Bela Padilla in Jason Paul Laxamana’s “100 Tula Para kay Stella”, to Empoy Marquez and Alessandra de Rossi in Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo’s “Kita Kita”.

This year, we are in for a treat as more and more unlikely pairings will be gracing our big screens all throughout 2018. We listed down the Top 10 Unexpected Movie Couples this 2018.


10. Yassi Pressman & Sam Milby (Ang Pambansang Third Wheel)

Yassi Pressman & Sam Milby star in Viva Film’s romcom about a girl named Trina (Pressman) who has lived her whole life as a third wheel. She meets the man (Milby) who passes her standards and believes that this man will finally get her out from her awkward situation. However, she finds out that she’s dating a single dad with an 8-year old boy and the mother is still around.

9. Kim Chui & Ryan Bang (DOTGA: Da One That Ghost Away)

Kim Chui and Ryan Bang pair up for the first time in this upcoming horror comedy offering from Star Cinema. Wanting to save the house of her beloved grandmother from being sequestered, paranormal expert Carmel Monseratt (Kim Chiu) and her “bebest” best friend Jerald “Jeje” Zee-Yan (Ryan Bang) have decided to form a squad of ghost busters with their misfits buddies Bagang (Pepe Herrera), Ponzi (Lassy Marquez), and Basha (Moi Bien) in order to meet both ends. One day, when they no longer have customers due to their modus going viral, Carmel meets a rich architect and dashing eligible bachelor Jack Colmenares (Enzo Pineda) who wants her and her squad to exorcize his house of all the ghosts inside it – real malevolent ghosts! – in exchange of a hefty amount of money.

8. Janella Salvador & Jameson Blake (So Connected)

Janella Salvador is paired up for the first time with Jameson Blake in this upcoming romcom under Regal Films. “So Connected” follows the lives of two different people, connected through a mobile app that automatically uploads photos and videos shot using the phone to a social media site. When Karter (Blake) got his phone stolen, he used the app installed in it to track the phone and traced it to a girl named Abby (Salvador). Though her photos and videos uploaded online (without her knowledge), Karter gets to know her and ends up falling for her.

7. JC De Vera & Joross Gamboa (Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes)

In Star Cinema’s first box-office hit this 2018, Judy Ann Santos and Angelica Panganiban play as devoted wives Lianne and Cindy, respectively, who got cheated on by their husbands who turn out to be gay. With their combined forces, they will make sure their exes don’t get what they took away from them: a happy ending. JC de Vera and Joross Gamboa play as their husbands who fell in love with each other, proving that love knows no gender.

6. Yeng Constantino & TJ Trinidad (The Eternity Between Seconds)

Yeng Constantino stars with TJ Trinidad in the upcoming CineFilipino 2018 film festival entry ‘The Eternity Between Seconds’, a story about finding comfort in strangers and moments that are never meant to last. An airport serves as the perfect backdrop for a special encounter between two strangers as they get to know each other, during a layover en route to South Korea.

5. Bela Padilla & Carlo Aquino (Meet Me In St. Gallen)

Bela Padilla and Carlo Aquino star in this romcom from the director of “Camp Sawi” and Spring Films, producer of the smash hit, “Kita Kita.” Two people have a one-night stand and then decide to go on their separate ways, only to end up meeting again in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

4. Sue Ramirez & Jameson Blake (Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wifi)

This upcoming modern day take on the classic Cyrano de Bergerac story features Sue Ramirez as Norma, whose world revolved only around social media. But one day, her world falls apart after she is diagnosed with an illness known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, meaning she cannot be around gadgets or Wi-Fi. Sent to a far-flung area with no signal, she and Leo decided to try having a long-distance relationship. But when he ends up forgetting about her eventually, it’s his brother (Blake) who tries to make up for the time, writing love letters addressed to her under Leo’s name while trying to hide his true feelings for his brother’s girlfriend.

3. Pia Wurtzbach & Gerald Anderson (My Perfect You)

In this Cathy Garcia-Molina romcom, a major heartbreak and failing career pushes the devastated Burn, played by Gerald Anderson, to go and run away from his problems. But during his vacation, he meets the cheerful owner of the Happy Sunshine Camp, Abi (in a very effective performance by Pia Wurztbach). Burn is Abi’s first guest in a long time, making her so eager to make his stay the happiest he had ever had. But all Burn wanted was to be left alone and wallow in his pain. But Abi is determined to see Burn give his most heartfelt and beautiful smile.

2. Ryza Cenon & JC Santos (Mr. & Mrs. Cruz)

From the director of “Kita Kita” comes the story of Raffy and Gela, played by JC Santos and Ryza Cenon, who find themselves taking off for Palawan to escape the not so great realities of their current lives and catch up on their respective me-time. But as fate would have it, they find themselves meeting and enjoying each other’s company, eventually falling for one another.

1. Anne Curtis & Dingdong Dantes (Sid and Aya)

Former “T.G.I.S.” co-stars Anne Curtis and Dingdong Dantes pair up after many years in this co-production of Viva Films and N2 Productions, from the director of “Camp Sawi” and “Meet Me In St. Gallen”. Titled “Sid and Aya (Not a Love Story)”, this upcoming film follows two people sharing long sleepless nights in the city.


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