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Morisette Amon tries to overshadow Jessica Sanchez? Netizens react

  • Jessica Sanchez and Morissette Amon performed a duet.
  • They also sang Demi Lovato’s Stone Cold
  • Netizens felt that Morissette tried to overshadow Jessica.

Jessica Sanchez and Morissette Amon recently had a duet in ASAP Summer Play. They sang Demi Lovato’s Stone Cold which has high and powerful notes.

Netizens awaited for the said duet.

However, many felt disappointed after watching Jessica and Morissette’s performance. They felt that Morissette tried to overshadow the American Idol Season 11 first runner-up.

One netizen also felt that Morissette should watch Jessica’s duet with icon Jennifer Holliday.

“Bakit parang feeling ko sinapawan ni Morissette si Jessica Sanchez? Oh please, she should see Jessica’s duet with Jennifer Holliday nung finale ng American Idol season nila. The best performance in AI ever. Honest opinion lang, I still love Morissette.”

Another netizen pointed out that ASAP should have given Jessica a solo production instead. They also wished that no overshadowing ever happened.

“My point is, that performance was supposedly for Jessica’s homecoming. ASAP should have given her a solo prod instead so it wouldn’t look like it was a showdown. I have nothing against Mori but sana walang sapawang naganap.”

One netizen praised Jessica and Morissette. However, they felt like Morissette seemed insecure with her voice.

“You guys are so amazing Thank you so much @ASAPOFFICIAL  anong ko lang bakit an daming insecure sa boses ni Morissette God bless po”

Another netizen noted Jessica’s emotional and soul through the song. They also compared Jessica in expressing herself and Morissette impressing the audience.

“The emotions and soul Jessica Sanchez put in the song is exceptional. She’s expressing herself while the other one is impressing the audience. That’s the difference between the two.”

One netizen remarked that Jessica just sent Morissette to school.

“Sorry Morissette, Jessica Sanchez just sent you to school”

Another netizen also voted for Jessica on the said “showdown”. They also wished that ASAP would give a solo performance to Jessica Sanchez.

“Watched the showdown. I’m giving it to Jessica Sanchez. For me, she gave the song more soul, other than vocal prowess. They both have really great vocals eh. I wished they gave Jessica a solo performance since she doesn’t appear so often sa show. Next sunday pls”

One netizen asked Morissette that she should not have tried to overshadow Jessica.

“pede naman hindi manapaw ng bisita…onting hiya naman..

Another netizen alsocompared Morissette trying to impress the audience and Jessica expressing her soul effortlessly.

“The difference between singing to EXPRESS from singing to IMPRESS. Singing from the soul effortlessly. Todo birit si ateng mong MA while Jessica Sanchez tinayuan lang xa. Soul singing is so OBVIOUS”

One netizen also noticed that Morissette has been given more lines than Jessica.

“Ako lang ba yung naka pansin na mas madaming linya si morisette kesa kay jessica sanchez? sino ba talagang guest?”

They also wished that Jessica had a solo performance.

“i mean dapat pinagsolo nalang si jessica sanchez!”

Another netizen felt disappointed with the performance. They also felt that it was not that kind of welcome for Jessica.

“I am sorry @ASAPOFFICIAL but that was not the kind of welcome I was expecting for my gurl Jessica Sanchez. Disappointing.”


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