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Iñigo Pascual hyper? Kapamilya singer reacts to netizen’s comments

  • Iñigo Pascual responded to netizen asking whether he has ADHD or not.
  • The said netizen also asked Iñigo to explain his hyperactivity on ASAP Chillout.
  • He laughed at the comments of his disorganized attitude. 

A netizen recently left a comment on Iñigo Pascual’s hyper behavior during a recent episode of ASAP Chillout. They also reckoned that Iñigo has symptoms of ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Iñigo responded and laughed at the comments of his disorganized attitude.

ADHD affects children and teens which can continue into adulthood. People with the said disorder may be hyperactive and unable to control their impulses.

They may also have trouble paying attention.

The said netizen started to ask Iñigo to explain his hyperactivity on ASAP Chillout. They noted that he walked around the set too much. They also remarked that he acted like a young child.

“Bakit ang hyper mo sa Asap chillout di ka mapirmi sa isang lugar lakad ka ng lakad habang may naghohost tapos bigla kang sisigaw! Bakit parang bata ka kumilos? Kakaiba ka ikaw lang ata yung artistang sobra yung pagka hyper di na nakakatuwa ung nakakainis na.”

The netizen pointed out that his hyper-ness doesn’t seem normal anymore. They also asked Iñigo if he’s okay.

“paki explain nga bakit sobrang hyper mo parang yung pagka hyper mo kase di na normal kahit naka upo ka umiikot ka sa upuan tapos galaw ka ng galaw maya maya tatayo ka. Kapag nakatayo ka naman lakad ka ng lakad hinaharangan mo tuloy yung ibang host are u ok?”

The said netizen asked whether he was diagnosed with ADHD. They thought that Iñigo seemed uncontrollable and distracted the other hosts.

“are you diagnosed with ADHD curious lang ako kase inuulit ko yung Asap chillout kakaiba yung galaw mo uncontrollable ka di ka mapakali sa isang lugar ung tipong nakaka destruct ka na sa ibang host.”

The netizen remarked that Iñigo has symptoms of ADHD as he remains restless and impulsive.

“may mga symptoms ng ADHD na meron ka restlessness you can’t sit still you need to tap your fingers or feet, Impulsiveness you blurt out whatever comes in to your mind without thinking it first, your easily distracted, Disorganization your all over the place.”

Iñigo responded to the netizen, pointing out that it would be better to be hyper than a know-it-all.

“Mas okay na po hyper kesa madami po sinasabi…. dami nyo po sinabi eh…”

Iñigo thanked the netizen. Although he never confirmed nor denied whether he has ADHD or not. He also added that at least, he’s enjoying.

“salamat po! Kung adhd man ako edi good! At least nageenjoy! Labyu! HHahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha”


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