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Netizens and public officials defend Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s statement about “stupid God”

  • President Rodrigo Duterte recently shot down the creation story from the Bible.
  • He also asked the question, “Who is this stupid God?”
  • Some netizens and public officials defended the President’s statement.

Many may have disagreed and called out President Rodrigo Duterte on his statement regarding the creation story in the Bible. He also asked the question, “Who is this stupid God?”

Although this angered many, some netizens and public officials defended the President’s statement.

In a Facebook post, Assistant Secretary for Social Media of the Presidential Communications Group Mocha Uson also defended the President and pointed out that he didn’t question the universal mind.

“So maliwanag. Religion, o yung tao at ang explanations ng tao tungkol sa paniniwala nila sa dios ang puntirya ng pangulo. hindi Dios mismo. He did not question the universal mind. Nagprisinta sya ng sarili nyang interpretation o paniniwala.

Pero ano nangyari? Eto sabi ng ABS CBN:

“This is not the first time that Duterte criticized God. In the past, he had questioned God’s presence whenever crimes occur.”

Ni-link nila ang criticism ni Duterte sa religion, sa criticism sa Dios. Magkaiba po yon.”

In a report from, Spokesman Harry Roque also stated that the president has his own personal belief.

“Roque on Duterte’s ‘stupid’ God remark: That is his personal belief. Individuals are entitled to their personal beliefs. That’s the aspect of the freedom of religion. Lahat po tayo ay may karapatan sa pananampalataya at lahat din po ay may karapatan sa walang pananampalataya.”

Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo also defended the president. In another report from, Salvador also expressed that President Rodrigo only questioned the theory of creation. He also said, “I don’t think he called God stupid. I saw the transcript, it says, ‘Who is this stupid God?’ He was actually questioning this theory of creation as narrated by the writers of the Bible”

“Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo took a shot at defending President Rodrigo Duterte for his calling God “stupid” in a recent speech. #PHNews”

Director at Eurasia Future Adam Garrie also pointed out that the president is correct. He also wrote that God is only a right, not a privilege which remains a colonial mentality.

“Duterte is correct. The road to spiritual enlightenment is not through corrupt priests looking for money but is through one’s own heart. The colonial mentality meant that God is a privilege. The truth is that God is a right. This is Duterte’s message and it is an important one”

A netizen, Reynaldo Juico, also defended the president. He continued that the President just did it as a “fight for respect of faith.”

“The hypocrites are so triggered on Duterte’s rant. For them, condemning his action is called a fight for respect of faith. Now, how will these hypocrites react on people cursing God because they are poor, in pain, in depression, in anger, in dying, in jail?”

Webmaster of, @benign0, also wrote that the president only criticized the God fashioned by the Roman Catholic Church.

“Duterte was not criticizing God. He was criticising the god FASHIONED by the Roman Catholic Church. Don’t be stupid. UNDERSTAND the difference.”

Jane Abao of also defended the President. Then, she pointed out that the president only called the Catholic God stupid.

“This news portal got it’s adjective right. It was not God that President Duterte called stupid BUT the Catholic god. Did you only want to rally everyone against Duterte? Eat your heart out. There are some who don’t misquote him – intentionally.”



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