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Here are times Anne Curtis pulled off “Buy Bust” moves in real life

  • It seems that Anne Curtis is not going to say goodbye to her Buy Bust character any time soon.
  • She continues to display her kick-ass moves on It’s Showtime co-host Vice Ganda.
  • She also doesn’t give special privileges to her husband, Erwan Heussaff.

Anne Curtis played PDEA agent Nina Manigan in Buy Bust. It took two years for her acclaimed action film debut to finish. It seems that she is not going to bid farewell to her combat-savvy character any time soon.

Here are times Anne pulled Buy Bust moves in her everyday life:

Spanking Vice (August 14, Tuesday)

During an episode of TrabaHula, Anne, Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro were talking about their birth stones.

Anne asked, “What’s your birth stone?”

“Emerald,” Vice answered.

Vhong shared, “‘Yun nga. Garnet.”

Anne revealed, “I’m an amethyst.”

Vice admitted that it was just a joke and continued, “Section ko ‘yun nung fourth year.”

Anne laughed while spanking Vice on his back. This caused the comedian to complain how painful her hit was.

Pushing Vice (August 13, Monday)

During an episode of Purokatatawanan, Anne became the center of jokes as GirlTrend member Dawn Chang and Hashtag member Rayt Carreon faced off.

Dawn asked, “Saan mahilig kumain si Anne Curtis?”

Rayt, coached by Vice, answered, “Sa bunganga?”

Anne threatened Rayt, referencing her role in Buy Bust and twisted his ear.

“Gusto mo makilala si Manigan? Halika rito!”

Rayt continued to answer, “Edi sa UB…”

Vice inaudibly told the meaning of “UB.” He, however, was pushed by Anne which caused him to fall out of frame.

“University of Bunganga.”

Slamming Erwan to the ground (August 3, Friday)

Just because Erwan Heussaff is her husband, it doesn’t mean he gets special privileges. He tried to sneakily put his hands around her which resulted into him being slammed to the ground. Anne continued to hit Erwan, laughing as she did so.

Video from Erwan Heussaff | Instagram

Training for Buy Bust (July 8, Sunday)

Anne posted a video of her, showing her journey to become her character for the movie. She showed how she immersed herself and trained with Scout Rangers and the Special Forces of the Philippines. She also added that she trained on the Filipino martial arts, Pekiti-Tirsia Kali.

Video from Anne Curtis | Instagram



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