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TV REVIEW: The Pilot Telecast of Dingdong Dantes-Dennis Trillo series “Cain at Abel” set for a Good Start

In “Cain at Abel’s” first few minutes, it is marked with palpable intensity. There was a commotion among street men who were engaged in a cock fight, but in their midst, a much bigger brawl between two brothers—Elias (Dennis Trillo) and Daniel (Dingdong Dantes), got into the picture.

Cut to the next scene—a chaotic chase led both of them to a deadly exchange of fists and bullets. Every shift of the frame displayed sophistication, each action sequences, impressively staged.

Hailed as primetime royalties of their home GMA Network, Trillo and Dantes are joined by three veteran directors, Mark Reyes, Don Michael Perez, and Toto Natividad.

Natividad, who previously held a directorial job for the show’s rival program, “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano,” is tasked to handle the action set pieces for the series.

Going head-to-head against a show in a practically same genre; it is presented with some inevitable challenges, being the 10th show to get pitted against the now three-year-old rival. Yet, having Natividad’s expertise can be  the series much-needed advantage.

The two lead actors are still the most impressive assets of Cain and Abel. As the show painted a scenario where the two in its first episode are engaged in a wrestle with each other; it left quite a compelling imagery and acting showdown.

There is a recognizable restraint employed by both actors as they managed to create riveting tensions between their respective characters

The pilot episode didn’t waste time in putting its constituent elements together. It sent both Elias and Daniel into a ‘disturbed world’, right in the middle of its opening frames.

The choice to begin in such heat proved to be effective, as it has allowed the subsequent proceedings get stitched together, in an interesting fashion. The light moments and dramatic sequences in between, are made to arrive at an equally explosive closing sequence.

It featured the lead characters’ younger versions turning into adults.

Having those remarkable choices employed, Cain at Abel is geared to introduce tension and drama; making sure that the narrative’s intended momentum should take off within the space of its pilot episode.

In between crucial muscular moments, vital minor arcs are exposed, and while it is hard to stretch all of which through an hour pilot, enough to unravel all their secrets. The mix it created are added strains to make the opening episode more engaging.

Aside from Trillo and Dantes, the pilot episode also showcased brilliant actors who made their respective moments shine, among them the most impressive is—Yasmien Kurdi, She played as the mother of young Elias and Daniel.

There was this moment where she shared with the young Elias, which they both owned.

The rest of the cast isn’t as remarkable, but they all have the time to develop their roles (this is assuming, the network does not cut short the show).

Overall, “Cain at Abel” is a show with an overwhelming promise.

It is not easy to predict whether it can actually deliver impressive numbers (in terms of ratings) for the network, but if the story and production succeed to sustain the show’s current momentum, there is a big chance that it can outshine the shows that came before.

Watch the full trailer of ‘Cain at Abel’ below:

The action-drama series isnow running on GMA Telebabad, weeknights after “24 Oras.”


Written by JE CC

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