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Katrina Dimaranan talks about new reality show “The People’s Queen”

  • Katrina Dimaranan learned that pageants are also about friendship and sisterhood. 
  • Dimaranan will be in The People’s Queen along with fellow queens: Katarina Rodriguez, Nikita McElroy, Michelle Thorlund and Jenny Levy.
  • She noted that the show doesn’t just focus on their appearance but also on the things they want to represent.

Katrina Dimaranan is Miss Supranational First Runner Up. She described the pageant as one of the best experiences she had in her entire life. She noted how she learned sisterhood during the pageant.

Dimaranan also talked about the new reality show, The People’s Queen.

Katrina describes her experience in Miss Supranational.

Dimaranan thought that she should have a competitive nature during pageants. She, however, learned that pageants are also about friendship and sisterhood.

“Honestly po, this is one of the best experiences that I have ever had in my life talaga. Kasi, not a lot of people are able to experience what I went through and I’m very grateful. Before I did pageantry, like I was telling my family, when they would say that it’s about the ‘sisterhood,’ I didn’t believe it talaga.”

“Akala ko kasi super competitive dapat. When you get there and you meet all these girls, that’s like your family for three weeks straight. One thing I can take from the pageant is, aside from my self-growth, it’s the friendship and sisterhood that I really made with all these girls.”

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Hello and Mabuhay everyone! ☺️🇺🇸🇵🇭🙏🏾 A bit late for a thank you post but only bc after the pageant night I wanted to decompress and enjoy the rest of my time in beautiful Poland! It has been quite a journey and I can truthfully say this was one of the best experiences I have ever experienced! As your new Miss Supranational 2018 1st runner up, I am BEYOND proud and grateful for those who stuck w/ me on this crazy joyful Supra ride! 😍💕 To my team at The People’s Queen, Cece, Voltaire, Joaquin, Josh, Ivan, Deano and all my mentors there, those trainings were a vital part of my performance during my supra journey to the crown. Thank you for the time you all have invested in me putting your faith into me and always reminding me why we fight! To Nathalie, Izza, and Erik for my intro video, my beautiful red gown and mental motivation thank you as well! To Dr. Santos and Mario for my beautiful smile and silky hair! To one of my best friends Nico for literally being there w/ and for me every step of the way and all the 3am calls to prep for the Supra events, and keeping me sane when I became flustered and making me crack up even in the midst of high stress moments, salamat bes. To my Supra family, and my Supra sisters thank you for believing in me and allowing me to be ME! I know I was always the loudest and laughed way too much but I hope it reminds you all that life is too short to not smile and laugh everyday as smiling is very contagious! The stories of all these women are something I will always treasure. You truly can never judge anyone no matter what they look like and where they’ve come from! You women have taught me SO much in such a short amount of time, for that I thank you. To Valeria our Miss Supra 2018, you are an incredible woman and I am honored to have been the last two standing with you! You are gonna rock during your reign no doubt! Stay beautiful and radiant babe! And of course to my family, friends, and fans, who continued to push me to be the best version of me, and inspired me everyday to fight not only for myself and my country but for people all over the world who fight everyday to overcome their own obstacles. 👑💋💕

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Katrina talks about The People’s Queen.

Dimaranan will be in The People’s Queen along with fellow queens: Katarina Rodriguez, Nikita McElroy, Michelle Thorlund and Jenny Levy, who are all of Filipino heritage. She noted that the show doesn’t just focus on their appearance but also on the things they want to represent.

“I really really enjoyed the training we had in the show because even though it’s a reality show, it was really about us getting to know ourselves and dig deeper. Kasi, hindi siya others trainings for beauty queens where you focus on how to look perfect, you have to be like this, you have to be like that…”

“They never once told us that we have to be a certain way, it was more of them pulling out the truth of ourselves and how we can shine and how we can really stand out in a group of how many women we are going to compete with. Yes, we learn how to walk, we actually do our make-up, our hair, work-out which is so very helpful.”

“But the most important thing I got from it is me learning more about myself so when I step into a national competition, I really knew what I want, my goals and who I was. So, I can represent myself and my country in the best way that I could.”

Katrina speaks up on pageant queen stereotypes.

Dimaranan noted that the show won’t showcase “pageant Patties.”

“I think the show itself being a reality show already show that I’m not perfect kasi you’re putting beauty queens who people think are perfect into a show where they’re filming for 24 hours a day, you can’t be pageant perfect 24 hours a day.”

“So makikita talaga ng audience ‘yung struggle namin, ‘yung mga conversations namin… which is something they don’t see outside of the beauty queen world. What we focus on more is what was out journey, who are we, what do we want, what do we dream about, what we’re scared of…”


Written by Angela Baltan

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