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Construction worker proudly joins ‘Miss Q and A’ quest

  • A proud construction worker, Diwata, joined It’s Showtime’s Ms. Q&A quest
  • The contestant gladly shared his working experience and the effect after his appearance in the competition
  • Read on as Diwata shares a hilarious story about his love life and it’s setup

‘It’s Showtime’s’ ‘Ms. Q & A’ brings fun to the noontime habit of its viewers. Most of the contenders of the said segment are mostly cross dressers, or those working on the industries that’s focused mostly in arts and beauty; and other fields that doesn’t require much of physical stamina and tough working conditions.

Recently, a contestant named Diwata caught the attention of its hosts and the viewers because of his very rare work background and funny personality. The video of his story’s highlights has gained thousands of views online.

Diwata won the Best in ChuckChack Award. As the hosts started to ask him questions on what is he going to do to the five thousand peso price, he said: “Ayon, maghahati kami ng asawa ko.”

The fun continued as Vhong and Anne asked him if they have a term of endearment.

Vhong asked, “Meron ba kayong tawagan ng asawa mo?”

“Meron, baby,” Diwata immediately responded to them.

Anne then asked him how long they’ve been together.

“Ilang years na kayo ng baby mo?,” said Anne.

Diwata immediately replied, “Bago pa lang, two weeks.”

The Madlang People and the hosts continued to have fun as he shared his background. The hosts went on to ask about the setup of his relationship with his other half.

“Pero nagsasama kayo?,” asked Vhong.

“Magkahiwalay kami. Pumupunta lang siya sa akin kapag sweldo ko, sabi niya magasawa daw kami. Tuwing Sabado lang kami nagkikita kapag sahod ko,” he hilariously responded to the host.

As Anne recalled about his job, she said to remember him working as a construction worker. He proudly shared that he’s working in a construction site where they build a condominium. He also shared that he has been given easier tasks in his job site from the moment he joined Ms. Q&A.

He detailed that he used to mix cement but after his appearance, he was assigned to do the plumbing and ensure that the plumbing system completely works fine.

He went on sharing that they would need to start redoing the plumbing job once a malfunction happens in the system. He gladly talked about his work experiences with the hosts during his interview.


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