Lea Salonga, Gerard Salonga share sentiments about a noon time musical variety show where singers were out of tune

A viral Facebook post of singer and Broadway actress Lea Salonga shared her sentiments about the poor performance of a production number in an unnamed noontime musical variety show.

On Lea Salonga’s Facebook timeline, the award-winning Broadway actress re-posted Gerard’s status when Gerard’s daughter noticed the artists in an unnamed noontime variety show were “singing out of tune, and way too slow.”

With a caption “It was too good to not share!”

“From Gerard’s Facebook page. It was too good to not share.

I was watching a noontime musical variety show, and my daughter very accurately remarked “they’re singing out of tune, and way too slow.” Producers and artists alike – please realize that there are a lot of people who actually listen and are not merely dazzled by the stars.”

Lea Salonga believed that we, viewers, deserved better than that, in a comment.

Pilar Mateo: Sabi ko na may makakapuna!!!

Lea Salonga : @Pilar – Lagi naman eh! But no one wants to do anything about it!

Pilar Mateo: @Lea Salonga haist!!! Why nga ba?

Pilar Mateo: Maski saan ganyan-kung ano na lang ang maihain. Pelikula. Shows. Pulitika.

Lea Salonga:  @Pilar – I’d like to think that we deserve far better than what we’re being offered. Haist! Ewan!

Pilar Mateo: @Lea Salonga naman. Kaso…

Due to this post, the Broadway actress had clarified on the issue that was made because of the speculations that she was the one who made the comment, on her Facebook account.

“Wow… talk about making it to the news quick.

In the interest of accuracy (the article gets it right, but the headline is hella misleading), it was neither my brother nor I that said anything; it was his daughter Carmen that did. I haven’t seen the number she was referring to, but I’m actually curious, just to verify how off key it was.”

On that Sunday as well, on the noon time show ‘ASAP,’ Russian singer Anna Rabtsun had a duet with Ogie Alcasid. According to Jojo Gabinete’s Scene/Seen, “Mga foreigner na mahusay kumanta ng OPM ang mga guest kahapon sa ASAP pero sintunadung-sintunado ang boses ng Russian national na si Anna Rabtsun sa Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang? duet nila ni Ogie Alcasid.”

Is it ‘ASAP?’ But there was no confirmation that this was the said noon time show.



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