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BlackPink fans admire Sharon Cuneta for being a true K-Pop fan

  • BlackPink is one of the most influential Korean girl groups at this time
  • Jennie was not feeling well during a recent meet and greet which was noticed by many fans
  • Sharon did show how legit she is as a Black Pink Fan

Online shopping app Shopee recently staged a Blackpink meet and greet in Manila. The event was not without controversy, however, as there were problems with the mechanics and a supposed mix up in the selection of winners.

Following consumer complaints, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is looking into the matter.

Some celebrities also got into trouble with Blinks (Blackpink fans). AC Bonifacio, Riva Quenery, and Awra Briguela were bashed by fans when they were seen as making fun of Blackpink member Jennie who was not feeling well at the event.

One celebrity, however, seems to be fitting right in with K-pop fans.

Megastar Sharon Cuneta proved her love for K-Pop during a guest appearance on Magandang Buhay.

Many netizens were amazed to see the one and the only Megastar reserving a seat far from the stage and not use her connections to get a better seat.

Some took photos of her screaming like a normal fan, Others took video and posted it on different social media platforms just to let netizens know how Sharon Cuneta the Megastar acted like a true fan of the said K-pop girl group.


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