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Ethel Booba gets ‘shaded’ by Sass Sasot on Twitter and bashed by netizens

  • Ethel Booba got shaded by Sass Sadot on the latter’s Facebook account
  • Ethel got bashed by netizens because of her replies to Sass
  • Despite the bashings, Ethel took it lightly and other netizens sided with her

Comedienne Ethel Booba isn’t one to shy away from making her opinions known. This time, Ethel traded words with Pro-Duterte blogger Sass Sasot.

The issue started when a netizen tagged Ethel to a Twitter account that showed a screenshot of Sasot’s Facebook post claiming ABS-CBN was not settling their tax issue at all.

“Madaam @IamEthylGabison  Pinapasabi si mother @srsasot . Ano po ang opinion nyo!? 😁🙌🏻🙌🏻”

Ethel immediately replied by retweeting the tweet with her comment,

“Hi Miss @srsasot if may utang ang mga Lopez e di pagbayarin. Siguro naman may batas tayo para dyan. Ano naman masasabi mo sa mga mawawalan ng trabaho? Tablahin na lang natin? Charot! “

Lopez Holding Corporation, formerly known as Benpres Holdings Corporation, allegedly owed money to various government institutions. ABS-CBN has already settled their tax case and paid 152 million pesos to Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Some Duterte supporters began bashing Ethel and even tagged Angel Locsin who was one of the first to react to Jimmy Bondoc’s tirade about ABS-CBN closing down.

Ethel responded to them and even addressed them attack dogs.

“May mga tweets dito sa notification ko na nakatag kami ni Angel Locsin na nambabash at hindi about sa opinyon ang tweet nila. Karamihan newly created account sila. Debate ba matatawag ang pagmumura? Charot!”

This didn’t stop the bashers though and they became more relentless in attacking Ethel.

Sass Sasot soon replied to Ethel on her Facebook account wherein the latter replied as well.

“Hi Miss @srsasot please read some of my tweets na sabi ko if may totoong utang edi pagbayarin para di magsuffer mga employees nila. Hello bakit ako matatakot di makatungtong sa Dos ano sila langit? Charot!”

Ethel clarified her point about the loss of jobs if the ABS-CBN’s franchise will not be renewed.


Sass Sasot threw shade at Ethel whom she said should have her own radio show.

“Sana bigyan ng radio show si Ethel Booba, political commentary. Malalas naman hatak nya, ipangtapat sa Karambola. 🤭”

Ethel Booba replied even telling her Sass Sasot for why not tagging her.

“Tag mo Cyst diba malakas ka? Naalala ko inofferan ako ng isang sikat na newspaper na magkaroon ng sariling column sayang di lang natuloy. Gawin sana kitang ghost writer. Charot!”

But despite the netizens bashing against Ethel, a lot of netizens had still sided with the comedienne.


Ethel continued to comment in her usual witty and “charot” fashion.


Ethel’s witty remarks on Twitter has even led to the publication of her own book, #Charotism: The Wit and Wisdom of Ethel Booba.


Written by Cathy Solivar

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