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Kristoffer Martin gets bashed by netizens for calling himself a Blackpink fan

  • Kapuso actor Kristoffer Martin declared himself a Blackpink fan on his social media account
  • He was lambasted by netizens saying that he was a fake fan for not following one member of Blackpink
  • The actor defended himself from these accusations

Kapuso actor Kristoffer Martin wasn’t into K-pop and never imagined being a fan of Korean music. Things suddenly changed after he recently declared himself a Blackpink fan on social media. To his surprise, he was lambasted by netizens saying that he was a fake fan.

On June 6, the Kapuso actor narrated on his social media account how he heard the Korean girl group’s song while at a Korean restaurant and he instantly got hooked on the catchy music.

In the post, he then declared himself a Blackpink fan or Blink. Blackpink is a Korean girl group consisting of four members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa.

“BLACKPINK is the only K-pop group who made me appreciate the genre. I remember the first time I saw their video (As If It’s Your Last), sa isang Korean restaurant.’ Yun lang ‘yung video na nagustuhan ko at pinanood ko talaga from the beginning to end. Since then, I started watching their videos even dancing to their songs (I have videos in private).

“OO BLINK AKO. Nasa point ako na lahat ng fancam nila pinapanuod ko hanggang sa makatulog ako,” Kristoffer wrote.

He even shared his excitement for Blackpink’s meet-and-greet event organized by a shopping app brand in Manila on (June 6) Tuesday night.

“In a few hours I’m gonna see my bebes! Hahaha. Pambawi dahil di ako nakanuod nung concert nila dito. Masinghot ko man lang yung hangin na nasa isang room kami lahat masaya na ko. Hahaha,” he shared.

Kristoffer was accused by Twitter netizens calling him a fake fan of Blackpink after a netizen posted a screenshot showing his followed accounts of Blackpink members on Instagram only having Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. He was apparently not following Jisoo’s account.

Netizens got furious with the actor for not following Jisoo’s account and called him unworthy of being a Blink.

The actor refused to back down from accusations and said that he didn’t understand why he was hated.

“I don’t get the hate. Meron di nafollow oo. Pero it doesn’t mean na fake fan? We all have our favorites. I appreciate their music. Lowkey fan yes. Pero why hate? I don’t get the point,” he wrote.

With the continuous attacks of netizens, Kristoffer then said that he will adjust to the ‘sensitive’ netizens and acknowledge that he is not a Blink.

“Okay adjust tayo sa henerasyong sobrang sensitive. Di po ako BLINK. Ayan po ha? Gusto ko yung kanta nila and some of their members. Oks na?” the actor responded.

Later, Kristoffer retweeted his post saying that he meant it in a sarcastic way hoping that the dispute will end.

“Okay last. This tweet is pure sarcasm. Daming galit diba? Ulitin ko, wala akong sinabing masama against the group. Totoong fan ako. Sayawin ko pa lahat ng kanta nila eh. Ang nangyari, may nagstalk, may nakitang di nafollow, nagalit, inatake ako. Sino may problema?”

Some netizens sided with the Kapuso actor who retweeted some of their tweets.

In conclusion, the actor said that he is still a big fan of the K-pop group and shared his first impression of Jisoo at the meet and greet event of Blackpink.

“I’ll end everything with this. Litaw na litaw ganda ni Jisoo kahapon. kahapon pa nakataktak sakin yan kaso daming attacking rangers. Mahirap ipasok. I appreciate all of them. Di man siguro ako kasing lala ng iba Blinks na alam lahat. Pero I appreciate them. Fan nila ako,” Kristoffer concluded.

Kristoffer played a villain in GMA Network’s fantasy series Victor Magtanggol top-billed by Alden Richards. It aired from July 30, 2018 to November 16, 2018.


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